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Acum 2 ani



Acum 2 ani

UK Love

UK Love

Acum 2 ani

Slime Bhristmas

Slime Bhristmas

Acum 2 ani

HiHorsed NYC

HiHorsed NYC

Acum 2 ani

  1. Armando Torres

    Armando TorresAcum 9 minute

    Lol, videos are hilarious! Pretenders wanna be firemen y'all be dead from smoke inhalation. A for creative y'all can't be us stick to making music 🎶 good track.

  2. Fòórş.

    Fòórş.Acum 20 minute

    Hot 🥵🔥

  3. Nredup 82

    Nredup 82Acum 23 minute

    still in 2020, YSL 4 EVER


    FRIDAYZRULEAcum 29 minute

    They should do an Animation version

  5. Colin Smith

    Colin SmithAcum 30 minute

    How much better would this be if LiL Baby was on this song

  6. Dark

    DarkAcum 32 minute

    For a sec , i thought this vid was dedicated to team trees or some shit , but no... , it's dedicated to enchantment table

  7. Fa!r Rek Channel

    Fa!r Rek ChannelAcum 43 minute

    Flyest song in 2019 Young Thug And Gunna going up🚫🧢

  8. Gwpngbat Frvultra

    Gwpngbat FrvultraAcum 46 minute

    ON FIRE YOUNG......

  9. leslie cano

    leslie canoAcum 47 minute


  10. Gwpngbat Frvultra

    Gwpngbat FrvultraAcum 52 minute


  11. Farii yaaad

    Farii yaaadAcum 55 minute

    Are we just gonna ignore this fire ass beat

  12. SlaughterK1ng

    SlaughterK1ngAcum oră

    rarely seen pluto and thugga so happy in a video :)

  13. Mr. Woods

    Mr. WoodsAcum oră


  14. Elijah Robinson

    Elijah RobinsonAcum oră

    Gunna the best in this. Song

  15. Frank Gialanella

    Frank GialanellaAcum oră

    Travis Scott’s part is too fuckion lit 🔥 way better then the London and antisocial


    LITTY LITAcum oră

    check out my E.P. International shit

  17. Alsflr

    AlsflrAcum oră


  18. Fabio Abboud

    Fabio AbboudAcum 2 ore

    coucou hejo

  19. Curtis Knight

    Curtis KnightAcum 2 ore

    The old drake should be up here

  20. Keola Kealohanui

    Keola KealohanuiAcum 2 ore

    Look like he got lice tho

  21. Hasan Khan

    Hasan KhanAcum 2 ore

    I felt that "ha ha ha ha"

  22. alvi

    alviAcum 2 ore

    2:04 canta direito oh fodaputa

  23. Grizzly Tyme

    Grizzly TymeAcum 2 ore

    Everything litty i like when its hot 🔥🔥🔥💣

  24. kiyel

    kiyelAcum 3 ore

    Travis Scott - Hot ft. Gunna, Young Thug

  25. Gül Akbaba

    Gül AkbabaAcum 3 ore


  26. mipos poss

    mipos possAcum 3 ore

    Dady Thuger

  27. Zak Channel

    Zak ChannelAcum 3 ore

    My nigga Young Thug who’s listen this song 💯🤘

  28. cléusio mateque

    cléusio matequeAcum 3 ore

    i love you my fuck nigga favorito

  29. Mc Naruto

    Mc NarutoAcum 4 ore

    Trap Br DROP THE CRACK 🔥

  30. Digits VM

    Digits VMAcum 4 ore

    That barter 6 , SS1 🐍and SS2 🐍🐍 Thugger wasn’t living on earth

  31. w4k1- 70wn

    w4k1- 70wnAcum 4 ore

    20 year's from now all thugga hater's will sit and reflect on year's of missed fun thugga brought to this game

  32. Dutch Pancake

    Dutch PancakeAcum 4 ore

    Does he want to represent hell or something?

  33. nahorsman

    nahorsmanAcum 4 ore

    I love this song,

  34. Almeata Forte

    Almeata ForteAcum 4 ore

    The devil Children😈 I love it😈😈😈😈😋😋😋😋💯✌

  35. edwin njuguna

    edwin njugunaAcum 4 ore

    "I like fish and water imma belt" Everyday young thugger fans keep loosing their IQ, you can tell cause they are not that far from future and quavo retards.

  36. Dontrell Abdullah

    Dontrell AbdullahAcum 4 ore

    That beat so nasty

  37. el Pirt

    el PirtAcum 5 ore

    This is the first time I actually listened to him and not the drip🤣🤣🤣😅

  38. el Pirt

    el PirtAcum 5 ore

    Super Drip nyigggah

  39. fynn kenny

    fynn kennyAcum 5 ore

    Bout time this hit 100,000,000 views 🔥 timeless

  40. d d

    d dAcum 5 ore

    imma gon and shit and take a piss

  41. Big Scrips

    Big ScripsAcum 5 ore

    BANGER 💥

  42. Shibani Das

    Shibani DasAcum 5 ore

    J Cole verse is straight up fireeee

  43. XxRudyBandaxX

    XxRudyBandaxXAcum 5 ore

    Who still here

  44. Edjail Mendes

    Edjail MendesAcum 5 ore

    D🔥pe and Authentic 💯🦅

  45. Ermed

    ErmedAcum 5 ore

    Southside on the track, yeeea

  46. brownchanel93

    brownchanel93Acum 6 ore

    I like how rap videos are becoming creative again

  47. ConfusedTom

    ConfusedTomAcum 6 ore

    Came from the DR FATE GANG SIGNS MEME

  48. •Sahra •

    •Sahra •Acum 6 ore

    3:31 💕😍🥺

  49. Samorry Touray

    Samorry TourayAcum 6 ore


  50. KooL Keefy Baby N Y C 420

    KooL Keefy Baby N Y C 420Acum 6 ore


  51. Adah Heard

    Adah HeardAcum 6 ore

    love then they say RIP to Paul Walker

  52. Walace G

    Walace GAcum 6 ore


  53. Danny Collado

    Danny ColladoAcum 6 ore

    One word to describe this song, "HOT"!!!!!

  54. Dumbslo 911

    Dumbslo 911Acum 7 ore

    Travis got all those fumes from highest in the room

  55. Sammy Xavier

    Sammy XavierAcum 7 ore

    thuggar thug my bae frfr Mu Besty Go Besty!

  56. TippaHQ

    TippaHQAcum 7 ore

    Thugga went if u agree 💯

  57. Littlemanz Jordan

    Littlemanz JordanAcum 7 ore

    3:15 You’re welcome

  58. Alex

    AlexAcum 7 ore

    2019! Still bumpin

  59. Shash2216

    Shash2216Acum 7 ore

    When Travis said 🔥 i felt dat

  60. King Juache

    King JuacheAcum 7 ore

    Them Travis Scott 6s are HOT 🥵🔥

  61. s_ capo

    s_ capoAcum 7 ore

    nowadays every rapper is changing offset youngthug

  62. Infinite Ops

    Infinite OpsAcum 7 ore

    gunna :slatt 3:10

  63. YVS CIIN

    YVS CIINAcum 7 ore

    3:31 the reason you clicked on this version

  64. La Flame

    La FlameAcum 8 ore

    honestly, imo this is song of the year and deserves a Grammy


    REX KASSAMAcum 8 ore

    Love to listen to this song when am high

  66. Starkeisha Supastar

    Starkeisha SupastarAcum 8 ore

    Y’all hear that G Herbo “swervo” beat???? 🔥 track

  67. HM

    HMAcum 8 ore

    People really try calling thug gay ...



    Love him so much very creative

  69. Wävy HH

    Wävy HHAcum 8 ore

    Those shadows relaxing

  70. Ace Hardy

    Ace HardyAcum 8 ore


  71. Cash Money

    Cash MoneyAcum 8 ore

    🗣Fuck Ya IG I Put Something On Ya 📸Sonogram 👶🏽I’m The Man 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💯Fuck It Uuuuuup J Cole Let Them Bitches Know Ju Heeeeeeard 🎶

  72. Yvng_ Kd

    Yvng_ KdAcum 8 ore

    We just gon ignore the innocent white person with a gun and face tat

  73. Seven Keys Production

    Seven Keys ProductionAcum 8 ore

    🤢🤮😵 Heat! #7keysprod

  74. Adarsh Shetty

    Adarsh ShettyAcum 8 ore

    Looks like interns did the CG work

  75. Ancient-Warfare TV

    Ancient-Warfare TVAcum 8 ore

    stop the killing


    MIINDLOS VeVoAcum 9 ore

    6 minutes and 42 seconds😯

  77. Lamar _

    Lamar _Acum 9 ore

    The Travis remix is much better 😍

  78. HM

    HMAcum 9 ore

    2019 still knocking this classic

  79. Ancient-Warfare TV

    Ancient-Warfare TVAcum 9 ore

    I tried to find an artiest thats better than you but I cant find it ?

  80. 24_flame_24 Mbeku

    24_flame_24 MbekuAcum 9 ore

    Heavy illuminate

  81. Jasper Booker

    Jasper BookerAcum 9 ore

    Travis laflame came with them flames 🤯🔥🔥🔥

  82. ANNEX

    ANNEXAcum 9 ore

    If this album don’t get album of the year I’m suing

  83. Star Faccuseh

    Star FaccusehAcum 9 ore

    Still listening 2019 November14th

  84. Who's Hiring ‘? No JK

    Who's Hiring ‘? No JKAcum 9 ore


  85. A1phazzz

    A1phazzzAcum 9 ore

    Easily one of the most “Hot” songs on 2019

  86. Liquidbot

    LiquidbotAcum 9 ore

    Who ever is saying hot at the beginning must be tired of saying hot after this

  87. Loofy

    LoofyAcum 10 ore

    Best part: I could charge you like a dodge hemi demon Got your broad in the garage eatin semin Every time a nigga go back to the ward niggas act like they want start it we leave em on the cement

  88. myke smith

    myke smithAcum 10 ore

    when band practice is too lit

  89. BE SAFE

    BE SAFEAcum 10 ore

    Camera literally goes underground to where it’s fire as in hell and gunna is there signing a deal and rapping in flames of hell type shit is this

  90. jamar parchment

    jamar parchmentAcum 10 ore

    Am I the only one that said everything is kitty too early ? Lol

  91. jorge Covac

    jorge CovacAcum 10 ore

    Cars 3

  92. Jeremy Santos

    Jeremy SantosAcum 10 ore

    Never noticed Lil Baby

  93. The Hobbit 2k

    The Hobbit 2kAcum 10 ore

    Sub to my channel youtube please

  94. Jeremy Santos

    Jeremy SantosAcum 10 ore

    Bitch I'm rich I eat ice cream wit my chicken. Rich like a Simmons not no diggy. If I got legs then you know I'm going to get it.

  95. Brusselssprout Wuh

    Brusselssprout WuhAcum 10 ore

    Future : "Fuck these lyric translators. Let see how they do this time"

  96. Valkyrie27

    Valkyrie27Acum 10 ore

    How can you tell them apart.

  97. kylejk

    kylejkAcum 10 ore

    Cole Bennett should’ve directed this

  98. Pierre Worldly

    Pierre WorldlyAcum 10 ore

    This thugger best song


    ABELXSANTANAAcum 10 ore

    thug style is immortal true mf legend🙏

  100. Gerardo Medina

    Gerardo MedinaAcum 10 ore

    Young thug 🔥🔥🔥🔥 He's part is fire