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  1. soldier-sports promoter -& -champion enos

    soldier-sports promoter -& -champion enosAcum 9 ore

    ggg is not really a boxer he a brawler like tyson

  2. soldier-sports promoter -& -champion enos

    soldier-sports promoter -& -champion enosAcum 9 ore

    rolls was very tech

  3. antonio fernandes

    antonio fernandesAcum 10 ore

    Lima e foda

  4. Coes Zila

    Coes ZilaAcum 10 ore

    This would’ve been a short fight if this foo wasn’t running laps

  5. Humble Servant

    Humble ServantAcum 10 ore

    Ruiz you lost your chance. Even if it was a close fight he'd probably never get a rematch. You didn't cut the ring off. Didn't pressure. Didn't fight with urgency like you life depended on it. I don't think he'll ever get such a big name again unless its Wilder for a KO.

  6. J Na

    J NaAcum 10 ore

    How was this impressive! The old guy had no business in that ring

  7. Andres Ramírez

    Andres RamírezAcum 10 ore

    i’m telling my kids this was the 3rd fight between rocky and apollo

  8. Davi Fernando

    Davi FernandoAcum 10 ore

    50 cent só faltou tirar as calcinha pela cabeça de raiva kkkķk se lascou otário chupaaa 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. RafterMan

    RafterManAcum 10 ore

    Usyk is not Holyfield!

  10. Brandon Lee

    Brandon LeeAcum 10 ore

    That is Butterbean if he was in shape

  11. Graeme Stevenson

    Graeme StevensonAcum 10 ore

    Street fight would be insane bro

  12. Oğuz Yenidemircioğlu

    Oğuz YenidemircioğluAcum 10 ore

    ksi music name ?

  13. parfay

    parfayAcum 10 ore

    Logan: uh I was sick! Ksi: *yeah and I’m white..*

  14. Monte Yeelim

    Monte YeelimAcum 11 ore

    Vergil would definitely give Spence a few problems....too bad he's on DAZN...tough fight to make

  15. oh Gizzle

    oh GizzleAcum 11 ore

    That's that oak cliff boxing, ortiz and Errol Spence came from the same gym and same trainer.

  16. Peter Ortega

    Peter OrtegaAcum 11 ore

    Ortiz is a beast.

  17. Irma Arroyo

    Irma ArroyoAcum 11 ore

    Rocha have a huge heart! And Stonger Chin!💪😁👏👍

  18. ShowBizz The Dad

    ShowBizz The DadAcum 11 ore

    Mikey “ I see something “ Garcia

  19. Live Happy

    Live HappyAcum 11 ore

    KSI lasted longer than this KSI lookalike

  20. Irma Arroyo

    Irma ArroyoAcum 11 ore

    Thanks DAZN for uploding this Awesome!☺ fights! Ortiz is a Beast!💪👏

  21. ツPlague

    ツPlagueAcum 11 ore

    At 1:14 at the top right corner someone is wearing maverick merch

  22. David Ortiz

    David OrtizAcum 11 ore

    And the scary part of that move is he looks like he going for a take down like what the heck happened and who did it 👁🤕

  23. kael lopez

    kael lopezAcum 12 ore

    Rond 3!!! Kinda ironic

  24. Juan Hernandez

    Juan HernandezAcum 12 ore

    3:41 The best part hands down

  25. Julian Stegmeier

    Julian StegmeierAcum 12 ore

    what a beast cannel was at 15 and still is

  26. Jay 30363

    Jay 30363Acum 12 ore

    This dude will crown 147 very soon 👑

  27. Becker AS

    Becker ASAcum 12 ore

    People are pathetic, a 5”10 man called tyson dominated giants at heavyweight. Yet, we have some say that this guy who’s 6’3 is not big enough??

  28. efreeze2006

    efreeze2006Acum 12 ore

    This is embarrassing!! The first Mexican heavyweight champion comes out like this in a foreign country. Congrats to Mexico 🇲🇽 stay in shape!!

  29. Steve Briggs

    Steve BriggsAcum 12 ore

    another one Mayweather lost!

  30. Oxygen Flavored Air

    Oxygen Flavored AirAcum 12 ore

    10:44 he said that it was clean even tho he stepped on his foot

  31. Rusda Yati

    Rusda YatiAcum 12 ore

    Not bad. But not yet ready for Danny Garcia, Spence or Crawford.

  32. Nordin Chantah

    Nordin ChantahAcum 13 ore

    Floyd mayweather jr and wilder they work with illuminati

  33. Nordin Chantah

    Nordin ChantahAcum 13 ore

    Joshua and tyson fury they are real boxers

  34. Nordin Chantah

    Nordin ChantahAcum 13 ore

    Wilder and Miller they are fake

  35. JC2 Cast2

    JC2 Cast2Acum 13 ore

    Just finished watching the highlights and don't think I'll be watching the whole fight. was AJ there? Andy Ruiz was the only one fighting.

  36. Nordin Chantah

    Nordin ChantahAcum 13 ore

    They are so jaloes on joshua because he have it

  37. Тургун Абдурахмонов

    Тургун АбдурахмоновAcum 13 ore

    Какда будеть бой

  38. Nordin Chantah

    Nordin ChantahAcum 13 ore

    Miller isnt a boxer he dont have respect or a man only show and bla bla bla look joshua calmdown easy relax enjoy

  39. Taya Muyaya

    Taya MuyayaAcum 13 ore

    KSI really came out looking like Desmond miles💀

  40. Reshawn Swift

    Reshawn SwiftAcum 13 ore

    Not impressed

  41. algo

    algoAcum 13 ore

    This guy has done well for himself. Amazing being in the brutal fight game that he's in and coming out with no brain damage and a bank account with tens of millions. He's looking healthy. Massive respect to the guy.

  42. Uchechukwu Ibeji

    Uchechukwu IbejiAcum 13 ore

    A 100% prepared Joshua beats a 100% prepared Wilder.

  43. Оксана Гладкова

    Оксана ГладковаAcum 13 ore

    Old dude didn't even move his feet man with was he doing in the ring

  44. algo

    algoAcum 13 ore


  45. MightyJA

    MightyJAAcum 13 ore

    0:27 am i the only one realised its justin b on the left

  46. Randy Flores

    Randy FloresAcum 13 ore

    Ortiz vs Ryan Garcia? 🤔

  47. TrueMedia

    TrueMediaAcum 14 ore

    This defo affected Joshua in his loss to Ruiz. He wanted so badly to be in the ring with this man.

  48. Vato Loco

    Vato LocoAcum 14 ore

    A very boring fight

  49. Часовщик

    ЧасовщикAcum 14 ore

    Thanks for the posted fights from Russia! Хорошие бои.

  50. jesbsnrn

    jesbsnrnAcum 14 ore

    thats why you never skip leg day. boom!!

  51. TOG_ FE4R

    TOG_ FE4RAcum 14 ore

    It would’ve been funny if ksi just went psych

  52. Haters Have Opinion

    Haters Have OpinionAcum 14 ore

    Virgil Ortiz Vs The Mean Machine Please

  53. laodicea777

    laodicea777Acum 14 ore

    came out his corner like explosive diarrhea..gotdam !

  54. Domingo Diaz

    Domingo DiazAcum 14 ore

    y como dirian en mi pueblo: MOLLEJA E COÑAZO XD

  55. Karrim Reece

    Karrim ReeceAcum 15 ore

    Ksi don't know who to fight

  56. jayy pk

    jayy pkAcum 15 ore


  57. D!E VL0NE

    D!E VL0NEAcum 15 ore

    Ryan vs vergil

  58. Bilal Hassan

    Bilal HassanAcum 15 ore

    Thu aleyk logan Paul

  59. Eriberto Ledezma

    Eriberto LedezmaAcum 15 ore

    I hope the cowboys win today

  60. Mono The Monkey

    Mono The MonkeyAcum 15 ore

    Is it me or cano is big af

  61. John A

    John AAcum 15 ore

    The translators mullet 😂😂

  62. Brandon gard

    Brandon gardAcum 15 ore

    I was expecting to see Zeb Colter in his corner

  63. Brandon gard

    Brandon gardAcum 15 ore

    Jack swagger we the people

  64. Renegade Dragon

    Renegade DragonAcum 15 ore

    It's a freaking game of darts, dude! It's equivalent of shooting spit balls in grade school....get over it!

  65. Kristian Johnson

    Kristian JohnsonAcum 15 ore

    Bro Ortiz is my cousin

  66. tyygdv hfygfh

    tyygdv hfygfhAcum 15 ore

    🇲🇽👍👍V Ortis! Mexicans are the beat boxers MF!!!🖕😂🖕

  67. King 3

    King 3Acum 15 ore

    If ksi connected all of those then logan wouldve died😂😂

  68. Jon Doe

    Jon DoeAcum 15 ore

    Latinos whe got hands...

  69. いきすちそ

    いきすちそAcum 16 ore

    20:46 Buttcrack

  70. Victors Casas

    Victors CasasAcum 16 ore

    I never thought I would see someone run more than mayweather

  71. Dustin DeTal

    Dustin DeTalAcum 16 ore

    Swept them legs right out

  72. Pool Sea

    Pool SeaAcum 16 ore

    Can we get Logan Paul vs Ksi Mom:We have KSI vs Logan Paul at home At home:

  73. Music Edits

    Music EditsAcum 16 ore

    Darts ? That’s it 😂

  74. luigi

    luigiAcum 16 ore

    Classic showboat vs strategy!!!strategy and patience always wins

  75. Ron

    RonAcum 16 ore

    "Barney was just a viewer, expecting to go in". That's what Barney was in his last few years.

  76. Phillip Euring

    Phillip EuringAcum 16 ore

    Hand down man down. Leg sweep to sleep 😄😄

  77. Alexsandra Fifield

    Alexsandra FifieldAcum 16 ore

    I’ve known Vergil since we were babies and seen his fights growing up. He trains hard. And his hits are very powerful. As a kid he was hitting as a grown man

  78. S AH

    S AHAcum 16 ore

    The sweet caroline song reminds me of that car fight scene in Stumptown lol.

  79. David Arce

    David ArceAcum 17 ore

    Joshua and his team rewatched this and all agreed to run the whole time during the rematch 😂

  80. Russi567

    Russi567Acum 17 ore

    Chump champ.

  81. Squid Word

    Squid WordAcum 17 ore

    *AH* *AH*

  82. Dan Gee

    Dan GeeAcum 18 ore

    I thought DAZN was a boxing channel...

  83. Croc Fang

    Croc FangAcum 18 ore

    Even Holyfield is confused, my man didn't even wanna celebrate

  84. Golveer

    GolveerAcum 18 ore

    imma tell my kids thats this is when society became poor

  85. Trevor Stuart

    Trevor StuartAcum 18 ore

    Pathetically biased EFC commentary. No surprise.



    Ortiz is the future of boxing

  87. forreal pat

    forreal patAcum 18 ore

    Nice boxing matches. 🥊lol Fun to watch.

  88. Youssef Addas

    Youssef AddasAcum 18 ore

    Josh v KSI make it happen

  89. Joko Fickfehler For Real

    Joko Fickfehler For RealAcum 18 ore

    Everybody talks about the sad end of Barneys Career. But nobody gives Young the respect he deserves for what he did last night. He kept his nerves together and beat a legend. And he was against the hole crowd. It was such a hard situation for him and he managed it so well.

  90. B1G D4ddy

    B1G D4ddyAcum 19 ore

    He is one of the very best

  91. David Cardenas

    David CardenasAcum 19 ore

    Mariachi when hes not even Mexican nor does he speaks spanish. Golden Boy just wants to get paid by all the Mexicans, selling out so hard its sad.

  92. Frankcell da160azul

    Frankcell da160azulAcum 19 ore

    Tanta produção pra nada Lima mandou lembranças kkkk

  93. Cocoa529 Moller

    Cocoa529 MollerAcum 19 ore


  94. T Mitchell

    T MitchellAcum 19 ore

    Nigel Pearson…..never has a commentator talked so much but said so little. An appalling commentator , robbing a living.

  95. Roy Hollins

    Roy HollinsAcum 19 ore

    Boxing should have age restrictions, this guy is almost old enough to be Ortiz's father. There's a 15 yr age advantage.

  96. T Mitchell

    T MitchellAcum 19 ore

    Why would you put "final career match"? Now we know Barney loses :(

  97. Nautna Drofire

    Nautna DrofireAcum 19 ore

    AJ’s code was cracked by Ruiz in their first meeting. If AJ wants to remain safe, with his contents intact, then fighting a Wilder individual wouldn’t be in his best interest.🤔

  98. Michilluminati 37

    Michilluminati 37Acum 20 ore

    John McDonald at his best :)

  99. Arya Stark

    Arya StarkAcum 20 ore


  100. Ndang Kamize

    Ndang KamizeAcum 20 ore

    coba bukan bular ramadhan tandingnya