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James Charles

HI SISTERS! I'm James Charles, a 20 year old kid with a few blending brushes. Subscribe to my channel and join the sisterhood for all things makeup, entertainment, music, and more!
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Hi Sisters

Hi Sisters

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No More Lies

No More Lies

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  1. spicy drama

    spicy dramaAcum o Zi

    SIS I. Am. Hyped.

  2. sishmerasha

    sishmerashaAcum o Zi

    Holy shit I think I’m in to it

  3. hello dollce

    hello dollceAcum o Zi

    “I wanna fight both of you right now” -James Sister Charles

  4. Becca •

    Becca •Acum o Zi

    Yoooooo I’m excited

  5. LolMoiBoiCheese

    LolMoiBoiCheeseAcum o Zi

    My boi oatmealzzz2 😁

  6. TaeTae Boo

    TaeTae BooAcum o Zi

    Honestly everyone is a winner here since they gonna appear in a channel that has a good fanbase so if they’re really talented they ain’t losing by getting a shoutout on the biggest platform so congratulations yall

  7. Jacob Saculsan

    Jacob SaculsanAcum o Zi

    Haters: You can’t have a competition show about influencers! No one’s gonna watch it James: hold my pinkety drinkety shishter

  8. Ashlynn Cargill

    Ashlynn CargillAcum o Zi


  9. Lucy Harrison

    Lucy HarrisonAcum o Zi

    PERIODT! James 2020

  10. Skylar Worosilla

    Skylar WorosillaAcum o Zi

    Will it be on you tube

  11. Tiffany Ann

    Tiffany AnnAcum o Zi

    I am SO excited to watch this! I’m beyond proud of you James ❤️❤️

  12. payt

    paytAcum o Zi

    can't waitttt

  13. Aislinn Ginley

    Aislinn GinleyAcum o Zi

    im so excited!!

  14. Asthine Riego

    Asthine RiegoAcum o Zi

    this is way better the Nikita Dragun's snapchat series

  15. Neve And Lyla

    Neve And LylaAcum o Zi

    Okay ... but why am I excited 😂

  16. PSY Wagon

    PSY WagonAcum o Zi

    Yaaay it's FREE!

  17. Darius Danciu

    Darius DanciuAcum o Zi


  18. Hannah Benson

    Hannah BensonAcum o Zi

    To make buttermilk you just have to mix lemon juice and milk

  19. Silje Helsengreen

    Silje HelsengreenAcum o Zi

    *Im so excited, like literally dying to see this!!!*

  20. Samina Ubaid

    Samina UbaidAcum o Zi

    Wait so i don't have to pay !

  21. Freya Young

    Freya YoungAcum o Zi

    OMG sisters

  22. Tania M

    Tania MAcum o Zi

    Ooh instant influencer, I cant wait for this 😱

  23. Bella Proud heart

    Bella Proud heartAcum o Zi


  24. Maddie L

    Maddie LAcum o Zi

    it’s like project runway for makeup

  25. Rajashree Srinidhi

    Rajashree SrinidhiAcum o Zi

    Very nice

  26. Lucy Harrison

    Lucy HarrisonAcum o Zi

    Please reply ahhh 💓💓🥺👉👈

  27. Betty Santos

    Betty SantosAcum o Zi


  28. Tiffany Scott

    Tiffany ScottAcum o Zi

    My favorite part "Cut, Periodt" 💖💖💖 James Charles 2020

  29. Victoria V

    Victoria VAcum o Zi

    Omg wooooooww Im so excited 😂

  30. MammaGlowsUP Burns

    MammaGlowsUP BurnsAcum o Zi

    This actually looks REALLY GOOD!

  31. tia morrison

    tia morrisonAcum o Zi


  32. Its GD

    Its GDAcum o Zi

    James Charles' literally hosted and judged a whole damn show and he's just 20?,Periodt!!!

  33. Nabiha Khan

    Nabiha KhanAcum o Zi


  34. U T

    U TAcum o Zi

    He sounds slower here.

  35. Maggie Diaz

    Maggie DiazAcum o Zi

    I am so in for this!!!!

  36. Lucy Harrison

    Lucy HarrisonAcum o Zi

    I love you 🥺🥺🥺

  37. Karina Riscott

    Karina RiscottAcum o Zi


  38. Eve Boyce

    Eve BoyceAcum o Zi

    Can't wait sister!! ❤️❤️

  39. Sreshtha Banerjee

    Sreshtha BanerjeeAcum o Zi

    Sister James 24th April is my birthday and that would be the best gift. All the best!! Lover from India.

  40. Basic Billy

    Basic BillyAcum o Zi

    “cUt,PeRiOD” *James charles 2020*

  41. bme_brook_E *

    bme_brook_E *Acum o Zi

    James this is going to be a great show,, cannot wait 💞woo hoo😁

  42. Matt Morey

    Matt MoreyAcum o Zi


  43. daliya muala

    daliya mualaAcum o Zi

    "Only one can become an instant influencgheeer" said james

  44. Ava Violet

    Ava VioletAcum o Zi

    OMG I am literally so excited!!!!!!

  45. Lucy Diaas

    Lucy DiaasAcum o Zi

    I am sooooo readyyyyy

  46. Husna Mahomed

    Husna MahomedAcum o Zi

    Its starting on my birthday

  47. Jojissi

    JojissiAcum o Zi

    0:21 that moment was so fancy u got me shaking

  48. Hamza Habibi

    Hamza HabibiAcum o Zi

    Omg James managed to bring Paris Hilton sooo icooniccc

  49. Macie Anderson

    Macie AndersonAcum o Zi

    Why in the put some more thing he sounded like mickey mouse-

  50. Ethan Adam

    Ethan AdamAcum o Zi

    paris is the og influencer

  51. snappy fries

    snappy friesAcum o Zi

    james: meets with every single person possible coronavirus: am i a joke to you?

  52. Mila Pancheva

    Mila PanchevaAcum o Zi

    this looks so interesting. can’t wait

  53. Edson

    EdsonAcum o Zi

    The little boy crying with the lash JAHAIAHAJHAHA LMAO 🤣

  54. Dear Vlogger

    Dear VloggerAcum o Zi

    “Streaming free” I see ROgos finally realized no one wants to pay for ROgos red

  55. Maryam Rhouat

    Maryam RhouatAcum o Zi

    i love it <3

  56. Marek Dido

    Marek DidoAcum o Zi

    U look like a model ❤️ pls respond

  57. Alexandra KS

    Alexandra KSAcum o Zi

    This looks amazing!!

  58. Phoebe Meure

    Phoebe MeureAcum o Zi

    misocolorful is a boy

  59. Elise Cross

    Elise CrossAcum o Zi

    omg this got me SHOOKK

  60. ItzJusJayla

    ItzJusJaylaAcum o Zi


  61. uwu

    uwuAcum o Zi

    17k dislikes huh strange. If yall hate his videos so much why bother clicking on it and putting a thumbs down when you could just ignore it. if there is something or someone you don't like what do u do when u see them? Walk away iGnOrE them why can't yall do the same with youtube videos instead of implying hate with a button?

  62. Riley Nicole

    Riley NicoleAcum o Zi


  63. Alma's Things

    Alma's ThingsAcum o Zi

    Hello please and stay connect new friend here

  64. vaneska gombarova

    vaneska gombarovaAcum o Zi


  65. Jose G.

    Jose G.Acum o Zi


  66. Lillie Yayy

    Lillie YayyAcum o Zi

    Yay on my birthday 🎂

  67. Daryl Belle

    Daryl BelleAcum o Zi

    Someone: just go big James: or go home Savage sister🔥

  68. Diksha Sharma

    Diksha SharmaAcum o Zi

    1 side has got extra Bright under the eyes of the right side!!

  69. abdul mutlib

    abdul mutlibAcum o Zi

    Omg its actually GOOD

  70. Naing Gyi

    Naing GyiAcum o Zi

    I believe 33 minutes ago is late right? :(

  71. MADCHAT Music

    MADCHAT MusicAcum o Zi

    I'm in LOVE with this idea, this is a great way for smaller influencers to show the world what they've got, in makeup, camera presence, and style! Can't wait! Hey I'm a small lgbt youtuber looking to make friends! I'm a musician, and have two singles out on all streaming platforms, one is literally about coming out, so if you need support, come check out my mini youtube family! :) Also, if you need someone to talk to, my DM's are always open! 💚stay safe guys.✨

  72. House Netflix

    House NetflixAcum o Zi

    Omg finally something to watch!

  73. ʙʀᴏᴏᴋᴇ ʟᴇᴇ

    ʙʀᴏᴏᴋᴇ ʟᴇᴇAcum o Zi


  74. Alexandra Boughner

    Alexandra BoughnerAcum o Zi

    Omg that looks so good

  75. Sara McGee

    Sara McGeeAcum o Zi

    I'm so excited to see the show! I'm so proud of you Sister. You have accomplished so much and you're such an inspiration to me!

  76. C o m m o n S e n s e b i t c h

    C o m m o n S e n s e b i t c hAcum o Zi

    Streaming Free on April *_Everbody liked that_*

  77. Pearl Foster

    Pearl FosterAcum o Zi

    “Remember to blend, but don’t blend in” I honestly can’t wait to hear all of James’ corny phrases in this show 🤣🤣🤣💀

  78. Houry Jamgotchian

    Houry JamgotchianAcum o Zi

    Woooowwww so ready for this!

  79. Stephanie A

    Stephanie AAcum o Zi

    I wanted to support but the diversity is just not there.... missed opportunity.

  80. Sarah Chapman

    Sarah ChapmanAcum o Zi

    legit emma won

  81. Kaaatt T

    Kaaatt TAcum o Zi

    This looks super lit🔥

  82. Yoselyn Ramirez

    Yoselyn RamirezAcum o Zi


  83. Crunchy Tacos

    Crunchy TacosAcum o Zi

    "how do we fire her if she's already on set?"

  84. Sara Mann

    Sara MannAcum o Zi

    The new ru Paul

  85. Rania Babaali

    Rania BabaaliAcum o Zi

    Most exciting news Ive had so far

  86. Brayan Reyes

    Brayan ReyesAcum o Zi

    Love that it’s free 🥰🥰

  87. 100 things randome

    100 things randomeAcum o Zi

    Oop that shi looks like the best show OUT THERE LIKE WTH periot poo

  88. Shelly Cherry

    Shelly CherryAcum o Zi

    Uuuummm where do we apply for this show ...😱😱😱

  89. Nina S

    Nina SAcum o Zi

    So bored in quarantine I may actually watch this

  90. Don‘t know

    Don‘t knowAcum o Zi

    Ahh so excited😍🔥

  91. Famous.Darion

    Famous.DarionAcum o Zi

    I never every seen her hair before 😯😯😯😂🤣

  92. Emma Adalian

    Emma AdalianAcum o Zi

    wait this looks amazing! i saw paris n i GAGGED WOW

  93. Dead Angel

    Dead AngelAcum o Zi

    YAYYYYY idk why but I’m sooo excited 😊

  94. Cupcake Angela

    Cupcake AngelaAcum o Zi

    This looks like so much fun. Can't wait to binge watch this.

  95. Marena Khoshaba

    Marena KhoshabaAcum o Zi

    OMFGGGGG IM SP EXCITED 😱🙈🙈🤪🤪 I lovee you

  96. iiiFlames

    iiiFlamesAcum o Zi

    I was wondering when this'll happen after James announced this

  97. Camila Polanco

    Camila PolancoAcum o Zi

    Omg I'm so excited

  98. Eeshal Khan

    Eeshal KhanAcum o Zi

    Let's hope the rules aren't as strict as RuPaul's drag race!

  99. Linn's Korner

    Linn's KornerAcum o Zi

    OMG this is actually rlly cool haha

  100. Mar Cinco Vlog

    Mar Cinco VlogAcum o Zi

    I wish i could too but im here in the philippines 😔 subscribe me too new youtuber here ☺️✌🏻