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  1. Janet Nakato

    Janet NakatoAcum o Zi

    yo juice wrld rip please cry pleaeeeeeeeeeeeees

  2. Uli Muli

    Uli MuliAcum o Zi

    Veganer würden sagen: „hallo? Das ist ein gefilmter mord!!“

  3. werberton lopes

    werberton lopesAcum o Zi

    Eminen is alive,hands down! Sound good.hahahahaha

  4. Mateo Lopez

    Mateo LopezAcum o Zi

    People are dieng in this world what world are we living in 😭😭

  5. Zack Richards

    Zack RichardsAcum o Zi

    5G is killing us. Lets burn towers down like Watford and Birmingham . Spread the message

  6. Area 51 raider

    Area 51 raiderAcum o Zi

    Evreyone " lil mosey is the whitest black guy ever" Lil huddy : am i a joke to you

  7. Pedro Henrique Henrique

    Pedro Henrique HenriqueAcum o Zi

    The beast O melhorrrrr ,

  8. H. A. N

    H. A. NAcum o Zi

    me: enjoy music while reading comments

  9. B.J. Koh

    B.J. KohAcum o Zi


  10. Nio Cants

    Nio CantsAcum o Zi

    Tbh i just came here to see if everyone notice that ,for a black guy he is pretty white af

  11. легион хачапури

    легион хачапуриAcum o Zi

    What's her name?

  12. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin SkywalkerAcum o Zi

    Who finds this catchy and good

  13. LSK Music

    LSK MusicAcum o Zi

    Go Fw my song subscribe like & share i would appreciate it🖤

  14. Amit Khadka

    Amit KhadkaAcum o Zi

    Here for the colour jokes

  15. Ke Man

    Ke ManAcum o Zi

    Even when he's drunk he can rap

  16. シ ᴀ᯾ᴀᴘ_ 𝚃🄹𝚊🅈 シ

    シ ᴀ᯾ᴀᴘ_ 𝚃🄹𝚊🅈 シAcum o Zi

    Blueface is the type of guy who would ask for a money burger

  17. let's fortnite

    let's fortniteAcum o Zi

    0:58 seizure fought on camera

  18. Ghostmane_1337

    Ghostmane_1337Acum o Zi

    Хех, я его смотрел, когда там было 200к просмотров. Теперь тут 100 миллионов просмотров. Теперь я буду говорить своим внукам, что я был олдом.

  19. Adarsh Gurung

    Adarsh GurungAcum o Zi

    He looks G Easy with curly hair

  20. lil jiraiya 07

    lil jiraiya 07Acum o Zi

    El fk sech ahora canta en inglés 😂 🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦 👹👹

  21. Fernanda Pedraza

    Fernanda PedrazaAcum o Zi

    Name first song?

  22. let's fortnite

    let's fortniteAcum o Zi

    Bro u iced out

  23. XI_AT

    XI_ATAcum o Zi

    0:45 that dance tho

  24. CK Rager

    CK RagerAcum o Zi

    1:35 why is lil tecca in the car?

  25. Fernanda Pedraza

    Fernanda PedrazaAcum o Zi

    Alguien sabe como se llama la canción que suena al inicio?

  26. Mateozh

    MateozhAcum o Zi

    he didn't deserve that,

  27. Mical Yanez

    Mical YanezAcum o Zi


  28. Jovan Milicevic

    Jovan MilicevicAcum o Zi

    *Oxygen* : exist *Eminem* : exist *Eminem and oxygen* : -not exist-

  29. Hyper_Blake

    Hyper_BlakeAcum o Zi

    0:12 that ass

  30. Hyper_Blake

    Hyper_BlakeAcum o Zi

    That lil botch a diva

  31. Cactus 24

    Cactus 24Acum o Zi

    Waffles 🧇 Recipe 125g soft butter 100g sugar 1 pack vanilla sugar 3 eggs 250g flour 1 pinch of salt 1 teaspoon baking powder 200 ml milk

  32. Jokzilla 2

    Jokzilla 2Acum o Zi

    Şu adamı dinleyebildiğimiz için rap tarihinin en şanslı kitlesi olmalıyız amk.

  33. juancarlos Lopez

    juancarlos LopezAcum o Zi

    Like for lil huddy

  34. Patobolado

    PatoboladoAcum o Zi

    No cap i've listened to the unreleased version 100x more than this one. He should've dropped it in June/July 2019 and it would've been his best release yet.




  36. Francisco Fonseca

    Francisco FonsecaAcum o Zi

    2:26 that litlle dance was 🔥




  38. Chase Czarnecki

    Chase CzarneckiAcum o Zi

    Fuck I fell bad when I hear Juice Wrld man rip juice

  39. juancarlos Lopez

    juancarlos LopezAcum o Zi

    I showed this to my teacher she got sooooo mad I played it on the Bluetooth

  40. Zavier Alejandro

    Zavier AlejandroAcum o Zi

    Juice wrld is in the !music video

  41. joe mama

    joe mamaAcum o Zi

    This bitch ass ninga thinks it's hard

  42. Arie’s World

    Arie’s WorldAcum o Zi

    This is my fav song from ski 🩸

  43. LindaIs RacistBoomrr

    LindaIs RacistBoomrrAcum o Zi

    Plots twist: Lil mosey Is the whitest black asian person.

  44. Salami

    SalamiAcum o Zi

    Em look thiccc af in that hoodie 😳😳

  45. Papa Legba

    Papa LegbaAcum o Zi

    My first english rap since 2013 shiiit forgive me 2PAC

  46. xxregretsquad xx

    xxregretsquad xxAcum o Zi

    Sub to xxregretsquad xx

  47. Shadow Plays

    Shadow PlaysAcum o Zi

    This song will always be number 1 in lyrical RIP Juice Wrld

  48. Yakuza !

    Yakuza !Acum o Zi

    Best Eminem feature :) Change my mind

  49. Lethal Tatics

    Lethal TaticsAcum o Zi

    Mosey looks like he doesn’t wanna be her but he’s enjoying every second

  50. Luca Lamesta

    Luca LamestaAcum o Zi

    This is dope respect from italia man🇺🇲🇮🇹

  51. Ball Islife

    Ball IslifeAcum o Zi


  52. Bl4CKK _

    Bl4CKK _Acum o Zi

    Juice WRLD is alive?

  53. Yunus Emre Gümüş

    Yunus Emre GümüşAcum o Zi

    10 numara şarkı olmuş 👍

  54. Azprix

    AzprixAcum o Zi

    Other Rappers:Gucci Shoes and Jordan’s Tecca:Flip Flips (Yes I understand that he does wear some shoes in some scenes..)

  55. memes truly

    memes trulyAcum o Zi


  56. Merouane Gl

    Merouane GlAcum o Zi

  57. AnthonyBC

    AnthonyBCAcum o Zi

    0:49-0:51 that guy look like the guy in the arcade from stranger things

  58. NICO Kokkonen

    NICO KokkonenAcum o Zi

    When i saw hypehouse members i had to dislike

  59. Mara Blacc

    Mara BlaccAcum o Zi

    Listen to this every single day or we cant be friends. 🖤

  60. Leah Tucker

    Leah TuckerAcum o Zi

    the- the hype house?

  61. JustMax

    JustMaxAcum o Zi

    0:33 The songs starts There.

  62. Abdo Juma

    Abdo JumaAcum o Zi

    R.I.P <3

  63. Derrek Speck

    Derrek SpeckAcum o Zi

    I notice when a video has over a q billion views the quality of the video gets worse ? Why

  64. kiko amr93

    kiko amr93Acum o Zi

    Who gave this guy the n word pass

  65. Ok Boomer

    Ok BoomerAcum o Zi

    I make the varsity football team Grades: 1:34

  66. DMK 930

    DMK 930Acum o Zi

    C'étais vraiment un grand artiste paix à son âme 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  67. Jake Klonowski

    Jake KlonowskiAcum o Zi

    Siiiick flow

  68. J.Y.M. E.L

    J.Y.M. E.LAcum o Zi

    Kid laroi looks like he pronounces his Rs as Ws

  69. Danika fisher

    Danika fisherAcum o Zi

    Do. You. Have a. Wife

  70. big Daddy

    big DaddyAcum o Zi

    Whys the last geezer saying the n word looks whiter than me lol

  71. San Linn Oo

    San Linn OoAcum o Zi

    0:43 i think its tht dude from Dhar Man

  72. Instaburst

    InstaburstAcum o Zi

    I wish juice had a verse

  73. Towster crazy

    Towster crazyAcum o Zi

    RIP juice

  74. Danika fisher

    Danika fisherAcum o Zi

    Hi blueface

  75. don’t read my profile description

    don’t read my profile descriptionAcum o Zi

    my brother met lil mosey and hung out with him *hes not lying*

  76. Diego Quezada

    Diego QuezadaAcum o Zi

    Is he “black” ?

  77. Dokueki

    DokuekiAcum o Zi

    Bruh the credits using Colgate font

  78. Christian Green

    Christian GreenAcum o Zi

    Gone too soon🖤

  79. Adiah Blake-flynn

    Adiah Blake-flynnAcum o Zi

    Lol fore fighters tchc 2013 2017.syracuse america australia upper canada plane miami my cautious be clean ...2020 04 03 kingston rd 1 13 pm galloway peter jon lucas

  80. the one King

    the one KingAcum o Zi

    shit ob\n fleck

  81. Тёмный Фон

    Тёмный ФонAcum o Zi

    1:00 coronna virus

  82. TJ is a typicaltard

    TJ is a typicaltardAcum o Zi

    Not gonng lie this shits fire but they played the shit outta it on tik tok

  83. Chris 91

    Chris 91Acum o Zi

    I wish I could accomplish getting laid.

  84. TAEYEON’g _SS

    TAEYEON’g _SSAcum o Zi

    My first thought after seeing this: he’s the whitest black guy I ever saw

  85. Dokueki

    DokuekiAcum o Zi

    Never seen thots and hoes so happy even mosey looking happy af

  86. DeSean Corbin

    DeSean CorbinAcum o Zi

    That plane blowing up hit different RIP KOBE AND GIGI

  87. Beby Gupta

    Beby GuptaAcum o Zi

    0% nudity 0% flexing 10% n-word 90% talent

  88. Ian Wilson

    Ian WilsonAcum o Zi

    "points up to heaven I need to go home" you made it juice i love you big bro until i see you again it still hurts inside it always will

  89. Annouar Amrani

    Annouar AmraniAcum o Zi

    respect juice wrld

  90. TrueFlash

    TrueFlashAcum o Zi

    Hey random person scrolling through the comments You are a great person, you have greatness inside of you, no matter how ugly you are you are beautiful, don’t do bad drugs, you have a great ability, before you say I am wrong, you never spent the time looking

  91. Mobile Gaming

    Mobile GamingAcum o Zi

    3/10 🗑 it could be better

  92. stinky gooch

    stinky goochAcum o Zi

    landon is so wank

  93. Isaiah Jordan

    Isaiah JordanAcum o Zi

    bra i had to come back to listen to this over and over this nihh fye.

  94. Loirin j

    Loirin jAcum o Zi

    Segue eu la no instagram :@loirinj

  95. Antony_ cat_

    Antony_ cat_Acum o Zi


  96. TheGamerGirl12

    TheGamerGirl12Acum o Zi

    I’m pretty sure this kid is mixed

  97. one shotti

    one shottiAcum o Zi

    i remember when madeintyo looked like a 15 y/o and was famous for uber everywhere

  98. Rob Ricoo

    Rob RicooAcum o Zi

    He look 10 year old

  99. Boggie Wit Da Hoodie

    Boggie Wit Da HoodieAcum o Zi

    The white girl is a fucken clout chaser

  100. Boggie Wit Da Hoodie

    Boggie Wit Da HoodieAcum o Zi

    Fuck tik tok