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Lauv - Sims (Lyrics)
NF - Time (Lyrics)
  1. Perlog Annwyl

    Perlog AnnwylAcum 54 minute

    Does anyone else get The Losers Club from It vibes from this song? Or just me?

  2. Joshua Cachin

    Joshua CachinAcum 2 ore

    Good song and i love it da song

  3. Gail Brown Weasel

    Gail Brown WeaselAcum 3 ore

    I just love this song 2019 what my lover does lol 🦅

  4. Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad AliAcum 4 ore


  5. hotdognobun

    hotdognobunAcum 4 ore

    Good use of autotune

  6. Daniel

    DanielAcum 6 ore

    Me: NF cant make a song thats not good NOT ONE SINGLE SOUL: Yes he can

  7. Sean Zadeh

    Sean ZadehAcum 6 ore

    Is this person a girl or a boy

  8. Toni Papa

    Toni PapaAcum 7 ore

    i listen to this song atleast 3 times a day every day

  9. Teodor Ungureanu

    Teodor UngureanuAcum 8 ore

    The moment i saw her dance, man, a single glance, and it was all it took for me to know, to know that she's the one ♡

  10. Bluberry Muffin - - Gacha life

    Bluberry Muffin - - Gacha lifeAcum 8 ore


  11. Myles Course

    Myles CourseAcum 8 ore

    When your listening to circles byPost Malone and you have auto play on 🤦🏽‍♂️....

  12. Tiffany Williamson

    Tiffany WilliamsonAcum 9 ore


  13. Sora Slaughter

    Sora SlaughterAcum 9 ore

    Ssjmsfa. Agrarians mamsggzg aggzzkjz. Hsjjhjzkzkzjnzhzzbzhzgzgssvdzgztzhz Zmmznnzg OKzhbzzgcfzgzbzzkzjjznz?z.z.z,kzkzk oh no noNo)%’jzjzj)jsjhhszgsf:) KskzknzFzzn,favorite uter

  14. Sora Slaughter

    Sora SlaughterAcum 9 ore

    Yeah I want to take my arms the whole damn world Maria daughter-in-law

  15. Sora Slaughter

    Sora SlaughterAcum 9 ore

    Dogshshhskjs ,sksmshsf🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😂soRggshgsfsxubsgsh..........??????skskksjshsysyhs

  16. Megan Higgs

    Megan HiggsAcum 9 ore

    Morning Mommy

  17. Sophia James

    Sophia JamesAcum 9 ore

    like the male version better this one sucks

  18. heartslight1000

    heartslight1000Acum 10 ore

    Imagine Dragon: *FEEL THE THUNDER* Thor: Am I a joke?

  19. Angel Delgado

    Angel DelgadoAcum 10 ore

    I love Imagine Dragons 😎

  20. Koneko Ryuugamine

    Koneko RyuugamineAcum 10 ore

    Dammit I'm not a fan of Post Malone but I love this song!

  21. Victoria Sosa

    Victoria SosaAcum 11 ore

    Thunder man

  22. Victoria Sosa

    Victoria SosaAcum 11 ore

    Just a young gun with a quick fuse I was up tight wanna let loose I was dreaming of bigger things in wanna leave my own life behind not a yes sir not a follower fit the box fit the mold lo t song by brother dances to it

  23. Alyssa nogas

    Alyssa nogasAcum 12 ore

    love this song ❤

  24. Ashley Abigail Guerrero

    Ashley Abigail GuerreroAcum 12 ore

    I'm listening from the USA

  25. Wolfie Wolf

    Wolfie WolfAcum 13 ore

    My new fav song 🙂👍

  26. My name is Jefff

    My name is JefffAcum 13 ore


  27. Leah D

    Leah DAcum 13 ore

    U.S.A. Minnesota 🤪🤪

  28. K&R&Y Nation

    K&R&Y NationAcum 14 ore

    This is fire I'm in love ♥️🔥

  29. rishi patel

    rishi patelAcum 15 ore

    the toilet

  30. Joe Hutchison

    Joe HutchisonAcum 15 ore

    Hi My Name is Sophie I Love the Song

  31. fabrizio paredes

    fabrizio paredesAcum 15 ore

    Why is this not in spotify

  32. Racheal Leer

    Racheal LeerAcum 16 ore


  33. Sonic The Hedgehog

    Sonic The HedgehogAcum 17 ore

    Sonic: l love this song

  34. kevisezonuo metsieo

    kevisezonuo metsieoAcum 18 ore

    Future voice is very touching

  35. Aaliyah Shroyer

    Aaliyah ShroyerAcum 18 ore

    2:00-2:23 my favorite part. So relatable to me as well ❤️

  36. unyeckenerd

    unyeckenerdAcum 18 ore


  37. Mahmoud Sabra

    Mahmoud SabraAcum 19 ore

    Mufami mufami mufami ayy ayy ayy

  38. Raja Imran

    Raja ImranAcum 19 ore

    Its crazy that she's sound exactly like in live

  39. Sam Harris

    Sam HarrisAcum 19 ore


  40. Huong Le

    Huong LeAcum 19 ore


  41. ROSE LEE

    ROSE LEEAcum 22 ore

    ❤️❤️❤️ 🇵🇭

  42. Marlene Sickler

    Marlene SicklerAcum 22 ore

    Boy's 🖤

  43. Sonia Ghiselli

    Sonia GhiselliAcum 22 ore

    Li adoro💙super

  44. lost star

    lost starAcum 23 ore

    I’m from Iraq 🇮🇶

  45. Muhammed Danish ck

    Muhammed Danish ckAcum o Zi


  46. bangtan devi

    bangtan deviAcum o Zi

    abey mere channel ko subcribe kar aur naam he bangtan devi

  47. Amber Sills

    Amber SillsAcum o Zi

    Ozzy & post.. two living legends in one song.

  48. Buddhi Pushpa

    Buddhi PushpaAcum o Zi

    I very like song

  49. Kazurell -

    Kazurell -Acum o Zi

    We all with our fictional/celebrity crushes

  50. Lauren Barnett

    Lauren BarnettAcum o Zi

    Help why is an old video of yours not available? "Autumn mix summer's gone" from 2017

  51. kpop world

    kpop worldAcum o Zi

    I'm the only who is reading the Coment while hearing the song.😂

  52. brittanycosta87

    brittanycosta87Acum o Zi

    It's awesome woo hoo

  53. lilRikku 420

    lilRikku 420Acum o Zi

    Oh god my poor ears!!!!🙉🙉🙉 This is so so fuckin bad!🤮 It seriously sounds like some kindergartners with zero talent attempted to make a song! How can this terrible shit be called music!!!! Her voice is soooo fuckin cringy!!!!

  54. Spartan_1 Da Beast

    Spartan_1 Da BeastAcum o Zi

    Frikin burrito

  55. jj boallen

    jj boallenAcum o Zi

    Hello let me tell you what its like to be a 0️⃣0️⃣

  56. D Anil Kumar AP TRANSCO

    D Anil Kumar AP TRANSCOAcum o Zi


  57. Abdirahman Abdi

    Abdirahman AbdiAcum o Zi


  58. Potato Industries

    Potato IndustriesAcum o Zi

    Love the back round

  59. Ayden Peavey

    Ayden PeaveyAcum o Zi


  60. Pamela Lorrah

    Pamela LorrahAcum o Zi

    4 +4 equals 8 Peace Out

  61. Super Vi

    Super ViAcum o Zi

    Hehdjdjdjrhrnrbbfbfhfjrjrjrkrkr melhor musica

  62. ASL Lydia

    ASL LydiaAcum o Zi

    Am I the only one who hears MCR The Black Parade when this song starts??

  63. mehmedmrd

    mehmedmrdAcum o Zi

    Arcando went insane on this one! 🔥 can't wait to jam this in summer

  64. Marley Carmean

    Marley CarmeanAcum o Zi

    My school LOVES THIS SONG!!!

  65. Fresh thunder Yt

    Fresh thunder YtAcum o Zi

    1.75 or 1.25 speed

  66. Wilfried GOVIN

    Wilfried GOVINAcum o Zi

    I love it, it sounds so pop !!!!!

  67. Ashley Delahoy

    Ashley DelahoyAcum o Zi

    My brother passed away last week. We found him and couldn't revive him. This was his absolute favorite song

  68. Bestevan G

    Bestevan GAcum o Zi

    this should be called like it like that

  69. Alex Eugene

    Alex EugeneAcum o Zi

    Thought he said "Build a ship for you".

  70. Santa Rocks

    Santa RocksAcum o Zi

  71. Alina Barbulescu

    Alina BarbulescuAcum o Zi

    The best song and video!!!!👍👍👍👍

  72. AydenJayden_playz /ZBOON

    AydenJayden_playz /ZBOONAcum o Zi

    #royalemusic #allmyfaveouritsongs

  73. Nesreen. Dh

    Nesreen. DhAcum o Zi

    Peace to you from Yemen i like it so much keep it up 😍😍❤❤❤

  74. [Katie MSP]

    [Katie MSP]Acum o Zi

    1:18 is it just me that thought it sounded like “I need a big piss”?

  75. عاشق الافلام

    عاشق الافلامAcum o Zi

    الأغنية طرب GOOD LAK

  76. Hafiza Abdul

    Hafiza AbdulAcum o Zi

    I love thia song♥️♥️

  77. naze James

    naze JamesAcum o Zi

    This is one of the best songs I have ever heard like or comment if you think so too!


    DEEPROTAcum o Zi


  79. TrinityL. Studios

    TrinityL. StudiosAcum o Zi


  80. Pandemic Affect

    Pandemic AffectAcum o Zi

    Check out my youtube channel, I have this song as my intro

  81. Arcando

    ArcandoAcum o Zi

    Thank you so much Royal Music, for uploading my brand new song "I'll Do It For You" ❤️ Would love to know what everyone thinks! Comment below 👀 New Music Coming Very Soon...

  82. faith Marie

    faith MarieAcum o Zi

    I like 😊❤️❤️

  83. ينجشي

    ينجشيAcum o Zi


  84. Ikram Rjimati

    Ikram RjimatiAcum o Zi

    I love this but I'm morrocan ❤️❤️❤️

  85. KING DURBAR Opening Soon किङ्ग दरवार चाँडै खुल्दैछ

    KING DURBAR Opening Soon किङ्ग दरवार चाँडै खुल्दैछAcum o Zi

    Nice work best friend

  86. Ava Doyle

    Ava DoyleAcum o Zi

    So good 💜

  87. Royal Music

    Royal MusicAcum o Zi

    I hope this helps your Monday! Late upload as sleeping schedule is all over the place :(

  88. YTheMon Pf

    YTheMon PfAcum o Zi


  89. Royal Music

    Royal MusicAcum o Zi

    I'll do it for you 🤗

  90. Frank Rush

    Frank RushAcum o Zi

  91. María Belén Pereira

    María Belén PereiraAcum o Zi

    Teen Titans Go.

  92. Achu Cxeno

    Achu CxenoAcum o Zi

    LalALalalaLAlalalALlaLAaaa Senoritaaaaa <3

  93. Brianna Newcomb

    Brianna NewcombAcum o Zi

    THUNDER THUN-THUNDER LIGHTNING!!!!!!!!!!! love it.

  94. Alisa Ghimire

    Alisa GhimireAcum o Zi


  95. michael fagan

    michael faganAcum o Zi

    would she follow me even to heaven or hell i wonder


    ANISHA KHANAcum o Zi

    I love it

  97. Boosted_ MTB

    Boosted_ MTBAcum 2 Zile

    i hear rule my life

  98. Curious Viewer

    Curious ViewerAcum 2 Zile

    I was singing Zero and my cousin asked if I’m depressed. Sang Walking the Wire and my other cousin said, “that’s how you know she’s lonely.” ✌️love you Imagine Dragons and my fellow fans ✌️

  99. dennis luces

    dennis lucesAcum 2 Zile

    Run ayaw😠 Run ayaw 😈

  100. fortnite gamer17545 Stinson

    fortnite gamer17545 StinsonAcum 2 Zile