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Welcome to B is for Build. A place where Chris and his friends document their life with cars. We fix cars, we break cars, we buy, sell, and trade cars all with the ultimate goal of having fun. Check it out!

  1. Stephen Cox [96.9]

    Stephen Cox [96.9]Acum 11 ore

    What about B is for boat?

  2. nick3209

    nick3209Acum 11 ore


  3. Gilberto Castro

    Gilberto CastroAcum 11 ore

    I seriously thought I imagined the entire mustang. Lol.

  4. Svein Sørensen

    Svein SørensenAcum 12 ore

    Why is all the Mustang videos down? :o


    DURK BROSAcum 12 ore

    buy a new infotainment system if you want bluetooth either after market or a newer gtr infotainment system

  6. Manjeet Hansi

    Manjeet HansiAcum 12 ore

    bronze rims

  7. Herman Ras

    Herman RasAcum 12 ore

    gun metal - totally gun metal

  8. davis car show august 15 2015

    davis car show august 15 2015Acum 12 ore

    Do bronze

  9. Ghost 600

    Ghost 600Acum 12 ore

    Aluminum look ftw

  10. TheMisteri95

    TheMisteri95Acum 12 ore

    Chris. Sit down, take a Beer. Think bronze wheels and pick the bronze.

  11. Dm Details

    Dm DetailsAcum 12 ore

    What a build!!

  12. TheBadBone23

    TheBadBone23Acum 13 ore

    Gun metal all the way...

  13. Jacob Bird

    Jacob BirdAcum 13 ore

    Glad to see you back! Make sure your jack stands aren't recalled!

  14. Paul Sunderland

    Paul SunderlandAcum 13 ore

    Bring back the bronze!

  15. Delta BoXeR

    Delta BoXeRAcum 13 ore

    Bronze look is best

  16. Delta BoXeR

    Delta BoXeRAcum 13 ore

    It seems pretty dangerous that you are relying on a bit of smeared on silicone to hold your tyre pressure... Not sure i would run those on a 210mph GTR....

  17. Joel C. Armstrong

    Joel C. ArmstrongAcum 13 ore

    Bronze, Chris. Bronze.

  18. Dave David

    Dave DavidAcum 13 ore

    Bronze all day

  19. Eugene Hovjacky

    Eugene HovjackyAcum 13 ore

    Throw some paint on the mustang so it looks like another car, call it something else, keep filming.....

  20. Daniel Harrison

    Daniel HarrisonAcum 14 ore

    Gun metal ftw

  21. Russ Reynolds

    Russ ReynoldsAcum 14 ore

    What happened to all the mustang videos?

  22. Simon Werner

    Simon WernerAcum 14 ore

    raw alu looks great

  23. Deimos Phob

    Deimos PhobAcum 14 ore

    bronze with the gunmetal/black dish would look sick.

  24. Shakecanskate

    ShakecanskateAcum 14 ore

    Black rims look better

  25. konnor lusk

    konnor luskAcum 15 ore

    Raw lip gunmetal spokes

  26. bigpuff714

    bigpuff714Acum 15 ore

    Channel should be "M is for Mistake"

  27. Nickorator

    NickoratorAcum 15 ore

    Do the aluminium finish for the wheels!

  28. Anant Sharma

    Anant SharmaAcum 15 ore

    Gun Metal

  29. Danny's Garage

    Danny's GarageAcum 15 ore

    I like the raw aluminum look, it's classy. Black/dark-colored wheels are too much.

  30. Jeremy McBryde

    Jeremy McBrydeAcum 15 ore


  31. Mason Dowell

    Mason DowellAcum 16 ore


  32. FuzzBall Gaming

    FuzzBall GamingAcum 16 ore

    Why not keep the spokes the aluminum and then do the outside polished black so it has a little bit of contrast to it would look pretty sick

  33. CoreyjGrieve

    CoreyjGrieveAcum 16 ore

    Color matched White or Gunmetal centers with barrel's left raw aluminum.

  34. Paxton Baker

    Paxton BakerAcum 16 ore

    also brushed aluminum ftw

  35. max normand

    max normandAcum 16 ore

    Bronze wheels make this car look so mean

  36. Paxton Baker

    Paxton BakerAcum 16 ore

    i’m not really sad about how the mustang isn’t being videoed it’s more of i’m sad that the content might slow down

  37. Casey’s Garage

    Casey’s GarageAcum 16 ore

    Good luck with the mustang! I’ll be watching and supporting whatever you put out!

  38. Jesse Montigny

    Jesse MontignyAcum 16 ore


  39. Bailey Clarke

    Bailey ClarkeAcum 16 ore

    The raw metal look is insane, my vote is there

  40. Adam K318

    Adam K318Acum 16 ore

    What ever happened to this project?

  41. Jose Lopez

    Jose LopezAcum 16 ore

    White with bronze

  42. Shabula Mwaanga

    Shabula MwaangaAcum 16 ore

    Gun metal has my vote

  43. NickDangerThirdGuy

    NickDangerThirdGuyAcum 16 ore


  44. Christian THOMAS

    Christian THOMASAcum 16 ore


  45. Carson Keating

    Carson KeatingAcum 16 ore

    Bronze. Bronze. Bronze.

  46. Ryan Gillette

    Ryan GilletteAcum 16 ore

    Raw aluminum!

  47. Robert Zilla

    Robert ZillaAcum 16 ore

    Gunmetal gets my vote

  48. Conner Froneman

    Conner FronemanAcum 16 ore

    Bronze all the way

  49. Just a Guy

    Just a GuyAcum 17 ore

    Gun metal barrels and raw faces??

  50. Dylan Dachuk

    Dylan DachukAcum 17 ore


  51. RsR King

    RsR KingAcum 17 ore

    gunmetal like if u agree

  52. Tim Higgins

    Tim HigginsAcum 17 ore

    Rose gold wheels

  53. FS&B Garage

    FS&B GarageAcum 17 ore

    brushed aluminium looks amazing

  54. BuddBhulai

    BuddBhulaiAcum 17 ore

    Keep em raw!

  55. Goatat

    GoatatAcum 17 ore

    On the next episode of B is for build, "We are dropping a 69 Camaro SS body on my 2015 mustang chassis"

  56. Sand King

    Sand KingAcum 17 ore

    Bronze for sure

  57. Romulus Creative

    Romulus CreativeAcum 17 ore

    if you do bare metal ,.., polish the lip only and leave spokes bare

  58. Romulus Creative

    Romulus CreativeAcum 17 ore

    Bronze looks the best

  59. ohiomoto

    ohiomotoAcum 17 ore


  60. MotoCob

    MotoCobAcum 17 ore

    Gun METAL !!!!! Head banging

  61. B B

    B BAcum 18 ore

    The bronze looks real nice

  62. Carlos Eduardo Varela Félix de Almeida Junior

    Carlos Eduardo Varela Félix de Almeida JuniorAcum 18 ore

    the wing has too much angle, for street use you can put it almost flat

  63. Bennie Hurter

    Bennie HurterAcum 18 ore

    Bronze wheels please

  64. Scott Piepel

    Scott PiepelAcum 18 ore

    Bronze or white. White on white is hard AF.

  65. Steve's Garage

    Steve's GarageAcum 18 ore

    Definitely the brushed aluminum, looks perfect on that car.

  66. Epic neon

    Epic neonAcum 18 ore

    U should go with the aluminium look on the wheels

  67. 343eric

    343ericAcum 18 ore

    Firstly screw copyright BS Secondly that bronze tho really puts your eyes on it, I say Stay Bronze

  68. Austen Naeve

    Austen NaeveAcum 18 ore

    gun metal is my vote

  69. Rafal Oberc

    Rafal ObercAcum 18 ore


  70. Rhett Peck

    Rhett PeckAcum 18 ore

    Gun metal

  71. Linksword151

    Linksword151Acum 18 ore

    Hey thx for giving us the partial update on the mustang, i thought i was going crazy when the vids dissapeared lol. Btw i think you should stay with the gun metal wheels the small amount of black blends very well with the white car and the other black pieces

  72. thatfg

    thatfgAcum 18 ore


  73. Gokhanami C.J.

    Gokhanami C.J.Acum 19 ore

    raw aluminum!

  74. George Guzman

    George GuzmanAcum 19 ore

    Bronze. And play with the colors. I hope you re upload the videos, cant you just edit the elea*** out. In any case great content and good luck.

  75. St3mma

    St3mmaAcum 19 ore

    Raw aluminum look looks amazing!!

  76. Gregory Ferrara

    Gregory FerraraAcum 19 ore

    Bronze for sure

  77. Luke McCormick

    Luke McCormickAcum 19 ore


  78. Jake Hoeckele

    Jake HoeckeleAcum 19 ore

    Gun metal faces

  79. Marcus Sims

    Marcus SimsAcum 19 ore

    I think the raw silver would look the best!

  80. StevenEdward Films

    StevenEdward FilmsAcum 19 ore

    Gun metal

  81. Chris BOYARSKI

    Chris BOYARSKIAcum 19 ore

    Is that front bumper black section (time 15:11) having the same reaction as the roof?

  82. R3d Rocket

    R3d RocketAcum 19 ore

    aluminum for sure b

  83. Kostas Sarakinos

    Kostas SarakinosAcum 19 ore

    What happened to the mustang Eleanor project ? Where did all the videos go ?

  84. Aws muhialdain

    Aws muhialdainAcum 19 ore

    Definitely black color to match roof, front lip and the spoiler

  85. Josh Rear

    Josh RearAcum 19 ore

    bronze lip black spoke

  86. WRXBase

    WRXBaseAcum 19 ore

    I'm watching all Chris' adds for a while to help him recoup losses from the Karen Attack. RIP "Mustang Build". I'm using my second YT acct to re-binge watch all of BiFB. #Karensucks Wheels - BRONZE

  87. Dawson Giardino

    Dawson GiardinoAcum 20 ore

    Keep em raw, no paint on the rims

  88. Kurt Spieles

    Kurt SpielesAcum 20 ore

    Bronze looks so good with white

  89. dudemattbored

    dudemattboredAcum 20 ore

    They should sponsor the build instead.

  90. Patrick McCrime Dog

    Patrick McCrime DogAcum 20 ore

    Good luck bud

  91. Rowan Pinero

    Rowan PineroAcum 20 ore

    Brushed aluminum looks great

  92. Justin Perdomo

    Justin PerdomoAcum 20 ore

    Raw aluminum

  93. Brad Long

    Brad LongAcum 20 ore

    Keep the wheels bare metal, looks great

  94. Tom Filsell

    Tom FilsellAcum 20 ore


  95. carlos rodriguez

    carlos rodriguezAcum 20 ore

    To avoid damage to the from differential you need to take the from driveshafts as well so it does not spins with the tires, and BTW leave the wheels on natural color, they look amazing.

  96. Jared Boduch

    Jared BoduchAcum 20 ore

    Bare metal is bad ass!

  97. alial bayate

    alial bayateAcum 20 ore


  98. Co1eTrain84

    Co1eTrain84Acum 20 ore

    Raw aluminum. I'm biased, that's what my car runs :D

  99. David Hickey

    David HickeyAcum 20 ore

    What happened to the Huracan?

  100. Mike T

    Mike TAcum 20 ore

    Gunmetal 100%