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  1. Blue Tree

    Blue TreeAcum 4 minute

    Yo,is the love interest with the sombrero on the same dude that plays Monty in 13 reasons why?Cause they look hella similar.

  2. Hadez Hadez

    Hadez HadezAcum 4 minute

    Would of been better if she didn't wear so much Makeup

  3. Maricris Metcalfe

    Maricris MetcalfeAcum 5 minute

    <3 necesitaba odiarte para amarme ufff you are the best SELENA


    ERICK ROJASAcum 5 minute

    This song is beautiful Selena Gómez you are a GENEUS you are the best ttttthhhhheeeee bbeesstt Selena Selena Gooooomeeeeezzzzz

  5. it's LPS AWESOME

    it's LPS AWESOMEAcum 7 minute

    Hey can I put this song in my video???

  6. Elias S

    Elias SAcum 9 minute


  7. Elias S

    Elias SAcum 12 minute


  8. little mixer

    little mixerAcum 14 minute

    Some people are saying that Selena lost Justin or Justin lost Selena.......Will they both lost each other 💔 👇 (Like of you agree)

  9. Elias S

    Elias SAcum 15 minute


  10. Cam B.G

    Cam B.GAcum 16 minute

    Creo que en algunas partes se escucha la voz de finneas

  11. André

    AndréAcum 16 minute

    This song always causes me a good feeling 💓💓💓🥺🥺🥺

  12. Nieves Mañon

    Nieves MañonAcum 17 minute

    Please, go visit my new blog. It has amazing information for young people just give me 5 minutes of your time and I promise you’ll never regret it. #selenagomez#justinbieber

  13. Ericka Souza

    Ericka SouzaAcum 17 minute

    It's selena not over.

  14. taejeon

    taejeonAcum 19 minute

    i still think that they belong together!

  15. gabriela cassia

    gabriela cassiaAcum 20 minute

    Só vem Amas

  16. Fun animator

    Fun animatorAcum 24 minute

    Me when I was a kid: I want to be a superhero! People in this comment section: I want to be a calendar!

  17. Ocean eyz

    Ocean eyzAcum 27 minute

    We Were All Waiting For THIS~~ And now, we sing it with you 🤗 💜 ya

  18. David López

    David LópezAcum 28 minute

    89m 💙

  19. Sara Isabella Erazo Padilla

    Sara Isabella Erazo PadillaAcum 29 minute

    i love this song!!

  20. Paula Gabriel

    Paula GabrielAcum 39 minute

    2019-2020? :"v

  21. Tipo tipo Gabriel

    Tipo tipo GabrielAcum 41 minut

    Rapariga, assim eu morro. Eita musicão. Te amo

  22. crowkillah

    crowkillahAcum 42 minute

    She doesn’t have to look good for u , she looks good enough how she is 😍

  23. Lu Vargas

    Lu VargasAcum 46 minute

    Soft girl Shakira vibez

  24. gesamtkunstwerk •

    gesamtkunstwerk •Acum 47 minute

    When you can relate a song to the T it became your power song amen

  25. Alissa Sun

    Alissa SunAcum 47 minute

    This song is over-played on the radio

  26. Itz_LexiTheGamer

    Itz_LexiTheGamerAcum 49 minute

    This song teaches you a lesson you don’t need to change for someone else you be your for you if your getting made fun of or have rumors about you stand up for yourself and talk to someone about it don’t let it happen cause it makes the bullies or whoever stronger but when u stand up for yourself it weakens them so just be yourself for you ❤️ you are beautiful

  27. Vlogs with Jaz

    Vlogs with JazAcum 49 minute

    This song is actually what happened in my relationship lol

  28. Beatriz Alves

    Beatriz AlvesAcum 51 minut

    Olha eu aqui de novo

  29. Gisell Hermida

    Gisell HermidaAcum 52 minute

    I'm obsessed with this song I LOVE IT ❤️

  30. Bryan Andrade

    Bryan AndradeAcum 55 minute

    Wow I really needed to hear this!! 😢🙏

  31. Otacílio Neto

    Otacílio NetoAcum 57 minute

    💖💖💖 L O O K 💜💜💜 A T ✨✨✨ H E R 💜💜💜 N O W 💖💖💖

  32. MasterNick

    MasterNickAcum oră

    Is nobody gonna say that this whole video was recorded on an iPhone 11?

  33. hanny Castillo

    hanny CastilloAcum oră

    Pudiera esuchar esta cancion x mil horas

  34. Gustavo Cba Arg

    Gustavo Cba ArgAcum oră

    Beautiful Selena Gomez 🥰❤👍

  35. Nur Sabrina Sofiya Mohd Sabri

    Nur Sabrina Sofiya Mohd SabriAcum oră

    First time hearing this : nah its weird Second time : it is kinda catchy Third time : IMMA IMMA IMMA look at ME now!!

  36. End White horse

    End White horseAcum oră

    To get to you right now💕🔥🔥🔥🔥

  37. Battle Royale

    Battle RoyaleAcum oră

    If anyone is feeling lonely right now and can't find any escape Just know that I love you so much.. I mean it And just know you made strong u are a fighter. God has everything to do with you. Trust in him because he is hope and hope is never lost :)💙

  38. Fatima Mejia

    Fatima MejiaAcum oră

    Yo te llegue amar y no te importo dejarme a mi y tu nena tu no as identificado mucho con esas palabras.

  39. Bipin 321

    Bipin 321Acum oră

    I hate those people who dislike my love♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  40. ZYUMI II

    ZYUMI IIAcum oră

    She reminds me of her previous song 'Kill'em with Kindness' vibe

  41. Bipin 321

    Bipin 321Acum oră

    Man her words r killing

  42. Beth Clewes

    Beth ClewesAcum oră

    Follow my insta bethclewes9, thank you in advance 💗

  43. Travelling Rajib

    Travelling RajibAcum oră

    actually selena gomez very sad bcoz justine bieber married 👰

  44. Geneva Cox

    Geneva CoxAcum oră

    Damm u finna buy me an iphone?

  45. Travelling Rajib

    Travelling RajibAcum oră

    selena gomez I really miss you.. and ur fan

  46. srojas02 zz

    srojas02 zzAcum oră

    I like Justin dickber

  47. kauan amaral

    kauan amaralAcum oră

    O hino ant bullying rsrs

  48. erikagabbye

    erikagabbyeAcum oră

    I love this song

  49. sandra almubarki

    sandra almubarkiAcum oră


  50. I just work at the mall

    I just work at the mallAcum oră

    Whos here after getting dumped

  51. Omigood

    OmigoodAcum oră

    I like the whistle sound

  52. Adram 2000

    Adram 2000Acum oră

    it's amazing what the song says, just beautiful

  53. Mariana Zelaya

    Mariana ZelayaAcum oră

    Lose you to love me😍

  54. Ariel Han

    Ariel HanAcum oră

    a beautiful song

  55. vian

    vianAcum oră

    ahw this make me sad that she loved him this much :(

  56. camila xx

    camila xxAcum oră

    i love u baby

  57. Ce Ce

    Ce CeAcum oră

    Am I the only person who thought this sounded just like Alec Benjamin in the beginning?😂 I can’t be lmaooooo

  58. Cindy Le

    Cindy LeAcum oră

    im just trying to figure out why one of the dancing girls has different pants then the rest of them?????? >-> confused

  59. sandi 88

    sandi 88Acum oră

    Love is in between two person. They don't need publication to show up. Their heart feel it. And if the relationship is toxic just need to end it. Maybe in the right time God will give you the right one.Im happy that Justin found his right one.Selena will be found her also in right time.Just need time for healing.

  60. NVGAMER2016

    NVGAMER2016Acum oră

    I need a colab with miley cyrus RIGHT NOW 😍😍😍

  61. Denzel Magagula

    Denzel MagagulaAcum oră

    Hits different at 3AM when you sleeping on the floor. Trust me all will be going well but you will even think of a long forgotten ex

  62. art3mis

    art3misAcum oră

    now all makes sense...

  63. pedro gomez

    pedro gomezAcum oră

    que linda cancion bn por sel

  64. madison

    madisonAcum oră

    LOOK AT HER NOW !!!!!

  65. Geovani Silva

    Geovani SilvaAcum oră

    Xiu iuu

  66. Ulana Ralph

    Ulana RalphAcum oră

    Who is still listening to this song november 2019?

  67. Carolina Tejada

    Carolina TejadaAcum oră


  68. Carolina Tejada

    Carolina TejadaAcum oră


  69. Carolina Tejada

    Carolina TejadaAcum oră

    Gooooooooooooo idiot

  70. Carolina Tejada

    Carolina TejadaAcum oră

    Lmfaoooooooo Go ahead. W. Kindnesss.

  71. Carolina Tejada

    Carolina TejadaAcum oră

    Go ahead. Wooooooooooo.

  72. Carolina Tejada

    Carolina TejadaAcum oră


  73. Carolina Tejada

    Carolina TejadaAcum oră

    Ignore me pls. KK

  74. Carolina Tejada

    Carolina TejadaAcum oră

    Summ1 ;-) ur eyes r da shytttttt. 1

  75. SuperGabe77

    SuperGabe77Acum oră

    Justin bieber has entered the chat

  76. Carolina Tejada

    Carolina TejadaAcum oră


  77. Manu Gupta

    Manu GuptaAcum oră

    Best song so far

  78. TheKovacsFamily

    TheKovacsFamilyAcum 2 ore

    I love it but could love it more without the “moans”

  79. Colby Lawson

    Colby LawsonAcum 2 ore


  80. Max The Avocado

    Max The AvocadoAcum 2 ore

    i love this so much. great work selena.

  81. Aydee Ramirez

    Aydee RamirezAcum 2 ore

    I this song

  82. BlondBrady

    BlondBradyAcum 2 ore

    Editor: how many fade affects do you want? Selena: YES Editor: ok lets do this

  83. gachalover63963galaxy robloxdodada

    gachalover63963galaxy robloxdodadaAcum 2 ore


  84. Vinny Lara

    Vinny LaraAcum 2 ore


  85. Vinny Lara

    Vinny LaraAcum 2 ore


  86. Vinny Lara

    Vinny LaraAcum 2 ore


  87. Alexis Tampusari

    Alexis TampusariAcum 2 ore

    This might be about Justin but let’s not connect it to him! Let’s talk about how powerful and strong she has became for HERSELF and others!

  88. andala mierda

    andala mierdaAcum 2 ore

    Minuto 1:17 el de la foto es justin?

  89. Taehyung Fizah

    Taehyung FizahAcum 2 ore

    This song related with my story tq selena love it💜💜💜

  90. Celine Evelyn

    Celine EvelynAcum 2 ore

    Can't believe this is gonna be 10 years old soon

  91. Dario Freitas

    Dario FreitasAcum 2 ore

    É verdade sou seu ídolo vc quer um autógrafo. Tá bombando meus comentários minha superfã

  92. Saúde Divina

    Saúde DivinaAcum 2 ore

    abel sofre por selena, selena sofre por justin bieber

  93. Aaliyah Rose

    Aaliyah RoseAcum 2 ore

    Okay Selena, Talk Ya Shit 🤞🏽🥰🥰😍😍😍😍

  94. 1,000 Subscribers With 1 Video

    1,000 Subscribers With 1 VideoAcum 2 ore

    Who is better? Like: *Selena Gomez* Comment: *Justin Bieber*

  95. Michelle Burgos

    Michelle BurgosAcum 2 ore

    QUEEN 👑

  96. Eric Samuel DIANE

    Eric Samuel DIANEAcum 2 ore

    I love this song

  97. Dhaqane Dahir maxamed

    Dhaqane Dahir maxamedAcum 2 ore

    Wasmo S

  98. Lucas Billordo

    Lucas BillordoAcum 2 ore

    Un cumple 9 años este video

  99. Kenny K

    Kenny KAcum 2 ore

    Who’s here again because of Hannah and her amazing dance to this song on DWTS

  100. WhyDon'tWe_GalaxyGirl XD

    WhyDon'tWe_GalaxyGirl XDAcum 2 ore

    I wish I was her assistant 😞❤️ *Love you Selena* ❤️❤️❤️