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I got her pregnant...
  1. Juan Perez

    Juan PerezAcum 46 secunde

    Someone’s recording

  2. Tom Burton

    Tom BurtonAcum minut

    Girlish don’t suck 😡😡I will eat you🥩🦴

  3. Ethan Manjarrez

    Ethan ManjarrezAcum minut

    Happy birthday

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    Laylannah VasquezAcum minut

    Happy birthday rug/brian

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    Chris GillandersAcum minut

    Happy b-day

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  7. Clemson 16 7

    Clemson 16 7Acum minut

    Just went in October

  8. Andria Miles

    Andria MilesAcum minut

    i want to jump for 3 days gnrh8ghgwgh9hu9gwubh9BHU90NFWBNHswbn0ibhnh

  9. Chloe Moudy

    Chloe MoudyAcum 2 minute

    Sorry for posting our page on here but We have been trying to get the word out not asking for anything just share please

  10. Rigo Cabrera

    Rigo CabreraAcum 2 minute

    Why is kaylen always in videos she dumped you brain

  11. PTL MarMar

    PTL MarMarAcum 3 minute

    happy birthday

  12. Dark Wizard

    Dark WizardAcum 4 minute

    9:21 “maybe is the fuckin wind in here” nibba the windows are closed

  13. Alyssa,julian Diaz

    Alyssa,julian DiazAcum 5 minute


  14. Alexi Brito

    Alexi BritoAcum 5 minute

    Omg I can’t believe what you did for him your so so so nice

  15. Sisi Wassup

    Sisi WassupAcum 6 minute

    I flinched more than all of them combined 😂😂

  16. Jankairo Gutierrez

    Jankairo GutierrezAcum 6 minute

    I’ll let you shave in till it go’s Bald

  17. David Gonzalez

    David GonzalezAcum 6 minute


  18. Burkley Saunders

    Burkley SaundersAcum 7 minute

    happy birthday rug!💓 love you!💗

  19. Jannelle Farina

    Jannelle FarinaAcum 7 minute

    Umm i don't know

  20. ItsRiza

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  21. coldwither54

    coldwither54Acum 7 minute

    Happy B-day!

  22. Chris Chapa

    Chris ChapaAcum 8 minute

    Mike I live u man

  23. Chase Noel

    Chase NoelAcum 9 minute

    My b day nov 18th

  24. Dylan Lucas

    Dylan LucasAcum 9 minute

    Guys did anyone realise that they were at hard rock hotel 11:47 thats when you can see the name on the key card

  25. Invoke

    InvokeAcum 9 minute

    Happy birthday brian! I love YOU!

  26. Skeetzz

    SkeetzzAcum 10 minute

    this is how many ppl wish rug a happy bday 👇🎂

  27. Dirk Diggler

    Dirk DigglerAcum 11 minute

    Kailyn or whatever Her name is has a weird shape body. Crazy in hell this was his ex-girlfriend and Molly is his ex girlfriend too.

  28. Brad Rad gaming 17

    Brad Rad gaming 17Acum 11 minute

    I want it that is sick

  29. yeetboy dillon

    yeetboy dillonAcum 11 minute

    😐 🥼🎒 👖 🧦

  30. Danna

    DannaAcum 11 minute

    That is Linda vista

  31. Danna

    DannaAcum 11 minute

    Omg I live close there and I did not see you 😿

  32. Day1 Films

    Day1 FilmsAcum 11 minute

    Noah was quiet this vid

  33. Carly Titsworth

    Carly TitsworthAcum 11 minute

    Happy birthday

  34. Jencarlo Rodriguez

    Jencarlo RodriguezAcum 11 minute

    Happy birthday FAZE RUG

  35. Armin Shahri

    Armin ShahriAcum 11 minute

    The apple slices that kaylen got are the same ones that they give out at my school

  36. Alex Matta

    Alex MattaAcum 12 minute

    Don’t scream on Disney Land rides and win 10000$

  37. sixteensixteenninenine

    sixteensixteenninenineAcum 12 minute

    his videos really do get gayer and gayer

  38. Ricky 24/7

    Ricky 24/7Acum 13 minute

    Always include noah hes the best

  39. ItzKodeh

    ItzKodehAcum 13 minute

    Chanel: hits brian because of calling her boss brian 5 seconds later: WHAT DID I DO

  40. Ezekiel Morales

    Ezekiel MoralesAcum 13 minute

    One of my family member used to work there and he told me all the secrets

  41. Ugotclapped

    UgotclappedAcum 14 minute

    FAZE RUG is trash at everything

  42. I Checcd

    I CheccdAcum 14 minute

    Faze rug X Faze Offset

  43. Griselda Lopez

    Griselda LopezAcum 14 minute

    Do a youtube channel with you and you brother.

  44. Ezekiel Morales

    Ezekiel MoralesAcum 14 minute

    U actually ca go in the castles I’ve even been in there

  45. DaRk_RaPtors _

    DaRk_RaPtors _Acum 14 minute

    I'd rather Kaylyn and brain get back together instead of him and Molly ngl

  46. Chris Walters

    Chris WaltersAcum 15 minute

    8:02 hmmm let's find out 8:08 oh ok

  47. Spicyy

    SpicyyAcum 15 minute

    Bro Steve funnt af

  48. ѕнαωту lιѕнααα

    ѕнαωту lιѕнαααAcum 15 minute

    George Janko got sum AMAZING vines

  49. Steve Pacheco

    Steve PachecoAcum 15 minute

    This proved that fat people can take the pain more because of the excessive meat they have hehe

  50. Dillon Nelson

    Dillon NelsonAcum 15 minute

    Happy birthday

  51. Bianca Gonzalez

    Bianca GonzalezAcum 15 minute


  52. Extreme PC GAMERS

    Extreme PC GAMERSAcum 16 minute


  53. Isaiah Estrella

    Isaiah EstrellaAcum 16 minute

    I thought Noah didn't do salads?

  54. Christine Cote

    Christine CoteAcum 16 minute

    The beat is nice, its not something new though Lyrics are just cringe

  55. Ray Gomez

    Ray GomezAcum 17 minute

    Its funny to think i was standing in the same spot he’s standing 2 weeks ago 😂

  56. vSedraツ

    vSedraツAcum 17 minute

    My grandma birthday is today

  57. Marinah Amin

    Marinah AminAcum 17 minute

    Just imagine you put the sign on cop car lol

  58. Nasty Levy

    Nasty LevyAcum 17 minute

    Hbd fazerug live to blow 10000and more candles...we love you😉😉

  59. Reaper_gertrim

    Reaper_gertrimAcum 17 minute

    i love calamari

  60. Soaks_ Ionik

    Soaks_ IonikAcum 17 minute

    Happy birthday mine is the 28 of November

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    Laser Dragon xAcum 18 minute


  62. krystle robertson

    krystle robertsonAcum 18 minute

    I wish I could go to Disney World or even take my kids can't afford food from there yet alone the trip

  63. LayandEj Gang

    LayandEj GangAcum 18 minute

    Subscribe to our couples channel ‼️‼️

  64. Nathan Vlogs

    Nathan VlogsAcum 18 minute

    I go to Disney land every summer so I get used to it others People are like omg you wint and I was like yah why does it matter lol 😂

  65. Michael Rusaw

    Michael RusawAcum 18 minute

    Faze rug you don’t got what it takes

  66. Diego Chanal Fortnite

    Diego Chanal FortniteAcum 19 minute

    Hapy brotey

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    Food is food

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    100 as

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    noah aragonAcum 19 minute

    Happy birthday

  71. Tania Virgen

    Tania VirgenAcum 20 minute

    My 16 year old friend gave birth to a baby yesterday

  72. J- Son

    J- SonAcum 20 minute

    You should do a hide and seek in Disney Like is you agree

  73. Cromwell Anaya

    Cromwell AnayaAcum 21 minut

    You should do more challenges with more ruggrats! Maybe me idk lmao

  74. Tony Martinez

    Tony MartinezAcum 21 minut

    Happy birthday

  75. Manuel Ortiz

    Manuel OrtizAcum 21 minut

    Where is Molly at tho she haven't came out in a vid for a while its always Kaitlyn.😕😂

  76. Finesse Boys

    Finesse BoysAcum 21 minut

    Happy birthday 🎁🎉🎈🎂🎊

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    I would

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    Happy Birthday.

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  80. Sonic And Friends Man

    Sonic And Friends ManAcum 22 minute

    No one: Literally no one: Faze rug: FoOd Is FoOd Just kidding wuv you Noah: imma take SaLaD eVeN tHo I sAiD nO sAlaD iN aNoThEr FoOd ViD

  81. Sofia Grutzmancher

    Sofia GrutzmancherAcum 22 minute

    When everyone started crying!made me cry!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😫🤧🤧

  82. Lucila Moreno

    Lucila MorenoAcum 23 minute


  83. Ahmed Shahid

    Ahmed ShahidAcum 23 minute

    yes we do you are my type love me some good old cheese sticks there are still in school NY is10 middle school

  84. Bre's A Duck

    Bre's A DuckAcum 23 minute

    Why does it say under frequently used the middle finger emoji

  85. Rafaelyoboi gutierrez

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    happy b day

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    Food is food

  90. somerandomguy Get random

    somerandomguy Get randomAcum 27 minute

    Food is food

  91. somerandomguy Get random

    somerandomguy Get randomAcum 27 minute

    Food is food

  92. somerandomguy Get random

    somerandomguy Get randomAcum 28 minute

    Food is food

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    Dakota PhillipsAcum 28 minute

    2nd cut was fire

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    Kriswashere 99Acum 28 minute

    Kristopher with a K

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    They probably didnt even stay there

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    Happy birthday

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    Bro i never new happy b-day mine is to i celebrated today with the fam! Nov.19!!!!!!!!!!!

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    guys did ANYONE realize that anthony got fatter

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    0:50 wow the sunset is so dope live in Kansas