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I Got A K-Pop Makeover
We're Getting Married
  1. ivy heidenreich

    ivy heidenreichAcum 10 minute


  2. Liliana Wortham

    Liliana WorthamAcum 15 minute

    Oh my gosh. I have a glitter named around the rim and its the same color as your teal color 😂

  3. My House Crazy For Myself

    My House Crazy For MyselfAcum 20 minute

    I saw you guys at the top of the ugg! I live in Australia, can’t believe I saw you in person

  4. Jane Niko

    Jane NikoAcum 24 minute

    Saf, where are you?? Please post more wedding prep videos!

  5. Anna Müller

    Anna MüllerAcum 26 minute

    why is there korean and german writing on the bottles :D

  6. Patricia Carmichael

    Patricia CarmichaelAcum 29 minute

    It would work great as a sleeping bag xD

  7. Hanna Blackburn

    Hanna BlackburnAcum 50 minute

    Right so what I gathered from this video is that I need to steep in green tea and red wine in order to get that “I’ve never seen the sun” look... *_proceeds to buy the entire Walmart worth of tea and wine_*

  8. Emica Studios

    Emica StudiosAcum oră

    we need a ship name! here are mine: tyfiya sayler tylya

  9. Arshpreet kaur

    Arshpreet kaurAcum oră

    Anybody 2020

  10. Tanvi MagicalUnicorn

    Tanvi MagicalUnicornAcum oră

    Safiya has a great singing voice!

  11. Lazy Sunny

    Lazy SunnyAcum oră

    2:13 Dog: *ight imma head out*

  12. Bry TheFri

    Bry TheFriAcum oră

    Move go

  13. ruksana sultana

    ruksana sultanaAcum oră

    *Pureple loves HOLO*

  14. em

    emAcum oră

    the energy is so off in this video and it makes me wonder if everything is okay

  15. MONIKA !

    MONIKA !Acum oră

    Lol I like black and pink music

  16. yvonne newman

    yvonne newmanAcum oră

    Frankin mauve

  17. Amaya Patel

    Amaya PatelAcum 2 ore

    “Don’t tell me how old I am” lmao 😂

  18. Becca Blum

    Becca BlumAcum 2 ore

    Boujor!! Je m’ appelle Rebecca hello Safiya I absolutely LOVEE your videos and I don’t know if you know what I just said in French but if you don’t I just said”hello!! My name is Rebecca

  19. Tisse

    TisseAcum 2 ore

    She needs to make a pallet that has all the franken stuff

  20. Arshpreet kaur

    Arshpreet kaurAcum 2 ore

    Anybody 2020

  21. Jennifer Park

    Jennifer ParkAcum 2 ore

    I wish I had eyebrows, truly they are so sparce I can not draw them I so jelly of her

  22. wittle bean reece

    wittle bean reeceAcum 2 ore

    Vilate pink

  23. Hridya Praba

    Hridya PrabaAcum 2 ore

    I dare you to put the video on x0.5 as speed at 12:46

  24. Enderえんdうぇ

    EnderえんdうぇAcum 2 ore

    I was just born in 2007

  25. Aimi Akaibara

    Aimi AkaibaraAcum 2 ore

    I've been to Yunnesun when I was in 4th grade it was amazing 😂

  26. Laya Osrin

    Laya OsrinAcum 3 ore

    It's mauvelous

  27. Dawnofpanda89

    Dawnofpanda89Acum 3 ore


  28. Lighting Lily

    Lighting LilyAcum 3 ore


  29. kai vandenbulk

    kai vandenbulkAcum 3 ore

    "we go for girth here" - Keith 2019

  30. maqical Burqer

    maqical BurqerAcum 3 ore

    Omg safiya! I also go there last year! :D

  31. Mee Kenzie

    Mee KenzieAcum 3 ore

    "Franken mauve"

  32. Itz * OwO *

    Itz * OwO *Acum 3 ore

    Christine is the only person who could fail a personality test

  33. Bullet_ Sofea

    Bullet_ SofeaAcum 3 ore

    I would Have Named This Polish “Let’s Be Mature” I love This Name♥️♥️

  34. MI mi

    MI miAcum 3 ore

    Frorly like fankin-orly as one word.

  35. Sagha 630_

    Sagha 630_Acum 3 ore

    You're a cancer? Wooow, the same ^ ^ i'm 30 jun

  36. Georgia H

    Georgia HAcum 3 ore

    It’s a muted Christmas

  37. Cassandra Michaelsen

    Cassandra MichaelsenAcum 4 ore

    I like the name Safine or Crisya, as a mix of your names?

  38. Javeriya Ahmed

    Javeriya AhmedAcum 4 ore


  39. wildchild 5729

    wildchild 5729Acum 4 ore

    Christine "we don't test on animals we test on safiya" Me: safiya is an animal

  40. Martin Najjar

    Martin NajjarAcum 4 ore

    Wengie is a youtuber

  41. Cassandra Michaelsen

    Cassandra MichaelsenAcum 4 ore

    6:40 hahaha

  42. Julia Dayus

    Julia DayusAcum 4 ore

    These toilet paper things make it look like it’s winter , your lips are cracking and you haven’t brought chapstick yet

  43. 风信

    风信Acum 4 ore

    Maybe you can name it purve

  44. Julia Dayus

    Julia DayusAcum 4 ore

    Me watching this after two years be like Oof it’s not a trend anymore :( Well I suppose I can bring it back >:3

  45. 2008MrsKim

    2008MrsKimAcum 4 ore

    It's 2:00 am and I'm watching someone put toilet paper on their lips...I need a life

  46. Jarmila Nedoma

    Jarmila NedomaAcum 4 ore

    Safiya, I really like your make-up. But...I have to say you are so beautifull without make-up. Do it often as well, please.

  47. Farooq Ahmed

    Farooq AhmedAcum 4 ore

    Please tell how much it cost over all?

  48. ꧁༒•IdleGamerz•༒꧂

    ꧁༒•IdleGamerz•༒꧂Acum 4 ore

    Watching this while I also have my period... anyone else?

  49. Amy Belle

    Amy BelleAcum 5 ore

    Love the shopping in South Korea wish our sad British high street was like this 😭

  50. Annah Mutisya

    Annah MutisyaAcum 5 ore

    Tyler the lipstick is awful 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😂😂😂😂😂

  51. Sara Fabbro

    Sara FabbroAcum 5 ore

    I really appreciate how you go into everything without judgement Saf! Also the attention to detail, getting things as correct as possible, and getting the information/history right!! Absolutely wonderful :)

  52. Lexy Klassen

    Lexy KlassenAcum 5 ore

    Girl the shine difference!!!

  53. Fatin Atikah

    Fatin AtikahAcum 5 ore

    it's the month of their wedding , November 2019 and I'm still watching this and still crying 🥺

  54. Annah Mutisya

    Annah MutisyaAcum 5 ore

    Your boyfriend is so great if he can apply makeup 👍✌

  55. Anabelle Metzi

    Anabelle MetziAcum 5 ore

    This is oddly satisfying so thank you

  56. thaBoom YT

    thaBoom YTAcum 5 ore

    Why did she take off the heads?? Sorry if I missed something! Edit: Rewording Edit 2: oh wait, got near the end. It's for the mini Frankenlipsticks

  57. Karaoke With headphones on

    Karaoke With headphones onAcum 5 ore

    wait a minute... isnt this saying that ublek is eyeshadow?

  58. Selin Pastell.5

    Selin Pastell.5Acum 5 ore

    Idk what the heck is happening but how is lipstick edible (I have add)

  59. alvi the angel

    alvi the angelAcum 5 ore

    Talk a little less pls

  60. # Дищаковськаванлав

    # ДищаковськаванлавAcum 6 ore

    I love you! Your sense of humor is something! Thank you for being you 🙈

  61. Felicity Dawn

    Felicity DawnAcum 6 ore

    I haven't been watching Saf for very long but I just wanna say that she looks MUCH younger. Like, my brain keeps being tricked into thinking she looks twenty but then I snap back and realize that she's probably not. But I deeply miss the blacks and the goth and the vampire and the deep voice of "Hello friends" and I just feel like we've stepped away from that aesthetic. Of course, I have a massive bias for this aesthetic. If I was more confident, I'd start wearing blue lipstick to my uni classes and having a leather jacket as my everyday jacket. What I'm trying to say is that... I miss my comfortable vampire. (Even though I know she never really left.)

  62. Ari El

    Ari ElAcum 6 ore

    Here for the gloss, or Diamond in the Mauve

  63. Ky

    KyAcum 6 ore

    Cristine accidentally made Ooblek😂

  64. ఌDestiny Chaveraఌ

    ఌDestiny ChaveraఌAcum 6 ore

    I would have called it Franken-mauve ❓

  65. Mic F

    Mic FAcum 6 ore

    How can I fall asleep when I’m giggling?!

  66. Bailey Sullivan

    Bailey SullivanAcum 6 ore

    0:31 *pause then look at bottom left*

  67. Z Mode

    Z ModeAcum 6 ore

    I am absesed with blackpink I loooove their style and songs and every thing and ur awesome

  68. Jungwoo? more like JUNGUWU! Joy

    Jungwoo? more like JUNGUWU! JoyAcum 6 ore


  69. Maria Elige A

    Maria Elige AAcum 7 ore

    I’m watching this in November 2019 👋👋👋

  70. spookykki

    spookykkiAcum 7 ore

    "seductive seat belt" i'm s c r e a m i n g

  71. CountessMommy

    CountessMommyAcum 7 ore

    So why can we expect the release of this single hot cocoa frankengurushadow? LOL

  72. LunaFox 45

    LunaFox 45Acum 7 ore

    *Talking about Blackpink Kill This Love style in second outfit* Saf: I’m getting like, marching band vibes Me: Hit the hammer right on the nail why don’t you

  73. Gacha Cat

    Gacha CatAcum 7 ore

    frankin' mauve

  74. Dicey Garcia

    Dicey GarciaAcum 7 ore

    Franken Mauve

  75. beedsj roiue

    beedsj roiueAcum 7 ore

    My name suggestion: "I'm mauve-r it" which is honestly just me in life really

  76. Red Trinity ASMR

    Red Trinity ASMRAcum 7 ore

    I WANT that bAT SHIRT

  77. Yumeko Chan

    Yumeko ChanAcum 7 ore

    Isn't the video like on the message or whatever you call it from Dollightfull :]

  78. Emilia Tinglöf

    Emilia TinglöfAcum 7 ore

    20:27 Safiya: ”Is it going to space?” Me after aha Said that: ”HAAHHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAAA! HAHAHAHA! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

  79. Paw Printz

    Paw PrintzAcum 7 ore

    Now I know how to do my own chrome nails.

  80. boppidy boo bitch

    boppidy boo bitchAcum 7 ore


  81. LunaFox 45

    LunaFox 45Acum 7 ore

    I didn’t know what K-Pop really was when I watched this the first time, but now I’m a blink and bet excited whenever she shows Blackpink in the video lol

  82. Peaches lmao

    Peaches lmaoAcum 7 ore

    Might go to a 70s themed party, so I came back to this video to help me figure out something I could wear!

  83. LunaFox 45

    LunaFox 45Acum 7 ore

    Me: *sees girl group with 4 members* Me thoughts: bLaCkPiNk?!

  84. Ella Palustre

    Ella PalustreAcum 7 ore

    A name "Franklin Mauve"

  85. Amber Smith

    Amber SmithAcum 7 ore

    The moment I saw the first cleanser I was skeptical, then the second one made me scared....those look so thick which is completely different from my Korean cleansers (much lighter). As I'm watching the video I keep wanting to cry about this "beginners pack" is concerning me greatly. My routine is oil cleanser (literally a liquid oil), then the water/"foam" cleanser which feels very light and refreshing. Then the steps from hell start. Sheet mask (or not), skin refiner, emulsion, ampule essence (mine is a combination of both), then tone up cream. Since the tone up cream can make my face a bit too dry sometimes i have to add in another moisturizer. After this its Korean sunscreen or a night mask (which is like the daytime moisturizer but a smig bit thicker to trap the water in your face while you sleep). Once a week I do a clay mask to exfoliate and either my lemon or watermelon gel masks 1-5 times a week depending on the weather. When i do non-sheet masks I do it separate from the entire routine, with either the oil cleansing or the double cleansing first then either gel or clay mask. About half an hour to an hour later is when I do the normal routine. As you saw it takes alot of work and too much dedication. Its a constant struggle for me since it takes so much dedication and I tend to get too busy for it. I try my best to keep up with the routine though since it really helps me keep my face more hydrated and cool (I have really rosy cheeks that make my face hot easily, and they get warmer throughout the day). Hopefully you find the routine that is perfect for you!

  86. A dimond

    A dimondAcum 7 ore

    "i tryed to leave Tyler" XD

  87. Millie Eilish

    Millie EilishAcum 7 ore

    am i the only one that wanted to eat that

  88. Sophia Kenton

    Sophia KentonAcum 7 ore

    is this anyone else's like millionth time watching this video lol??

  89. Oskar Ladefoged Dinnesen 79E.18 Rosenvangskolen

    Oskar Ladefoged Dinnesen 79E.18 RosenvangskolenAcum 7 ore

    Omg i love it

  90. Janelle Weed

    Janelle WeedAcum 7 ore

    Berry scrumptous

  91. Maddy Todd

    Maddy ToddAcum 7 ore


  92. confused squirrel

    confused squirrelAcum 8 ore

    all you feel is fear when smelling blueberries.

  93. Makaila Stevens

    Makaila StevensAcum 8 ore

    you should call it "mauvelous"

  94. Jane Gel

    Jane GelAcum 8 ore

    Your hair looks a lot better looking after using Function.

  95. In The Moonlight

    In The MoonlightAcum 8 ore

    1 year later, still laughing at the body lubricant

  96. AnimeAyla

    AnimeAylaAcum 8 ore

    It should be called sugar plum😊

  97. Anie Ferreira

    Anie FerreiraAcum 8 ore

    The colour would be good if it weren't so fricking patchy

  98. Potato Kid Gacha

    Potato Kid GachaAcum 8 ore

    Berry Mauve

  99. Jordyn Golub

    Jordyn GolubAcum 8 ore

    I would call it “Bust a Mauve”

  100. Rebekah Dickens

    Rebekah DickensAcum 8 ore

    SAF! I am just now noticing you have the same “reverse widows peak” as me and holy crap I feel so much more secure. I haven’t seen anyone else with it that really looks like mine