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    Je veux dire que je suis une fille et je suis en route avec le père qui a été dans le pays de mon côté de travail ok moi n'avais pas

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    3:34 the child he was so cute

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    She let's the boy pick a paper clip but that's not even a nail

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    Hello my name Panny 😀

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    Roblox is better

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    I have 2 kittens 🐱 this is my favorite video

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    Troom troom Indonesia😁


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    You are my first best friend smith

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    definitely first

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    That's so stupid of u that how should we sew or do the DIY in school😁

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    ,Go. troom. troom

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    I love your channel so much troom troom

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    Do more Ladybug

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    Her violin was a guitar are you crazy man😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    I have medium hair but more on the long hair gets tangled so easily it’s a pain

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    Miss smith

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    how did the mermaid or name red head mermaid can breath in air?!??!?!?!?!?!?

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    Masih barang bukan dilempar tapi dikasih gitu jangan dilempar itu namanya nggak sopan ya pernah diajarin sama seseorang ya kalau ngasih barang ke orang nggak sopan tahu

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    Sisters pranks!

  33. Reka Korponai

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    I'm laughing. I know one more, mates! Here: Expectation: I will curl my hair. It won't take that long. Reality: Oh God! I'ts the 3rd hour I've been curling my hair, God my arms hurt. And these curls won't stay in my hair! Ok, maybe with a bunch of hairspray? Well, that's better. But now my hair is crunchy! Oh God, what a horrible way to live!

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    I have a long hair! I DONT like to brush it its painfull

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    I want to look your video more Q

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    0:44 guy looks like ben's bro

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    The merch is so expensive

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    Annoying voice

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    Is that your first video?

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    This is so cringe

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    Danny Gonzolas and Christin brought me here

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    Mrs Smith for sure

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    8:54 do u know that violin is actually a ukulele...

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    8:43 just a lady using a ukulele as a violin.

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    If I wear that I will get killed and bullied

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    You can use 100 legos to make a bucket so you can put in it

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    I get you🌻 1:17 floating candle chalk 1:50 wand 3:25 golden snitch 4:15 chocolate frog 5:00 hogwarts except letter (notebook) 6:06 potion ingredients 7:15 sorting hat 9:26 magical map Time stamps are life

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