First We Feast
First We Feast
First We Feast

For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Jasleen Powar examines how South Asia's most famous culinary export, curry, changes shape from culture to culture.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.

  1. Satoshi

    SatoshiAcum minut

    love this show

  2. verunn cheekock

    verunn cheekockAcum minut

    He shushed the crowd

  3. The Overclocker

    The OverclockerAcum 3 minute

    take that money and use it to live like normal guy.. These burgers not woorth 77 a each . There just import prices .

  4. Mio Mio

    Mio MioAcum 4 minute


  5. B Benson

    B BensonAcum 7 minute

    I’m so in love with her. I love her. Love. Her.

  6. Leia Claudette

    Leia ClaudetteAcum 9 minute

    25:07 here for the meme

  7. Snæk

    SnækAcum 12 minute

    6:03 That is the best turn to camera shot I’ve ever seen.

  8. Jacci A

    Jacci AAcum 15 minute

    Possibly my favourite so far 💚

  9. MyKCmo

    MyKCmoAcum 15 minute

    Legit nobody Host: here's a jug of milk 🥛🤣🤣🤣🤣* throws in crowd when shirts run out*

  10. Ku Ki

    Ku KiAcum 16 minute

    I'm here only for Claire!!

  11. jed reyes

    jed reyesAcum 17 minute

    omg Reina Scully i remember watching her in tabletalk at sourcefed nerd

  12. Juara Ekspres Yakin Sdn. Bhd.

    Juara Ekspres Yakin Sdn. Bhd.Acum 17 minute

    those were bites?

  13. ClippersAreYour2020NBAChampions

    ClippersAreYour2020NBAChampionsAcum 18 minute

    I would love to see Kawhi on here!!

  14. Moni The 2nd

    Moni The 2ndAcum 19 minute

    Get Brendan Fraser on here please 🙏

  15. Segerfan Forever

    Segerfan ForeverAcum 20 minute

    why the hell do they put the lettuce and tomato on the bottom?

  16. Daish

    DaishAcum 21 minut

    REINA! My favourite 42 year old!

  17. Dan Delgado

    Dan DelgadoAcum 22 minute

    He’d rather have denim chicken

  18. Snæk

    SnækAcum 24 minute

    1:35 *A H*

  19. Sopheara Oak

    Sopheara OakAcum 25 minute

    anyone else enjoying Mikey Chen devouring everything like he hasn’t been fed in days lol

  20. Oliver Dishron

    Oliver DishronAcum 25 minute

    Best hot ones

  21. Luthien

    LuthienAcum 25 minute

    I want to like the show but I can't; the editing and the host were too annoying for me.

  22. Ken Fei

    Ken FeiAcum 27 minute

    Even suffering, she's still the hottest hottest guest yet❤💥🔥🔥🔥

  23. Giselle B

    Giselle BAcum 28 minute

    Awesome job Reina!

  24. Chris Cruz

    Chris CruzAcum 31 minut

    I always thought he was a douche without knowing who he was when i was much much younger im showing my age but he did that sketch on Chappelles show about white people dancing to guitar music he was funny and was basically making fun of himself

  25. Boy Aditya

    Boy AdityaAcum 32 minute

    Ahh.. so sad Mikey didn't meet my favourite ROgos girl, Claire saffitz

  26. Cecilia Van Lam

    Cecilia Van LamAcum 35 minute

    This video was wayyy too bright imo

  27. doleph1

    doleph1Acum 41 minut

    Great series! Looking forward to more episodes! 👍

  28. Anto Wibowo

    Anto WibowoAcum 42 minute

    16:22 go ramen go life

  29. Pedro Lunas

    Pedro LunasAcum 46 minute

    Bobby is funny without trying.

  30. Janice Castillo

    Janice CastilloAcum 49 minute

    “But I don’t even care about living anymore” 💀

  31. Morally_ Bankrupt

    Morally_ BankruptAcum 50 minute

    I would literally die for claire. No seriously, I'm not joking. I'm living for very little right now

  32. 193774929

    193774929Acum 50 minute

    We all know Claire is the real snack

  33. HululusLabs

    HululusLabsAcum 54 minute

    Sorry, but the petroleum jelly coated lens effect made me want to scratch my eyes out

  34. Mia

    MiaAcum 55 minute

    Her voice reminds me of Lana del Rey’s voice

  35. Pedro Medrano

    Pedro MedranoAcum 57 minute

    reinnaaaa!!!! sourcefed for lyfe



    Wholesome. Gotta love it

  37. Keara Boo

    Keara BooAcum oră

    Nobody’s perfect. Michael B. Jordan enters chat Me: oh.

  38. Bryan Ramos

    Bryan RamosAcum oră

    Lmao Claire actually looks tall for once 😂

  39. BanditKing

    BanditKingAcum oră


  40. DaRealJason

    DaRealJasonAcum oră

    He still have manners even tho he’s dying😂respect💯

  41. nelly nel

    nelly nelAcum oră

    "I don't have time for this i have places to be"



    "At home burger" Pretty sure that's out of most folks budget, an that's far more time consuming!

  43. Jacob Mudd

    Jacob MuddAcum oră

    I'm from Peoria, IL and i've never heard of anything called a lacy edge style cheeseburger. I've eaten them plenty of times at Steak N Shake (the original Shake Shack BTW, outdates Carl's by 25 years) where they are called steakburgers. I did some searching and most of the places that serve them are in eastern central IL with Bloomington-Normal at the north boundary, Springfield in the west, Decatur in the south, and Danville/Indiana border in the east.

  44. Trap_Sensei 05

    Trap_Sensei 05Acum oră

    Hands down classic most impressive episode.

  45. Fageta Boutit

    Fageta BoutitAcum oră

    i needed each of them to ahve their own episode and i could of literally watch 30 mins each of them

  46. Guillaume Mallinus

    Guillaume MallinusAcum oră

    That zombie scream at 13:12 though

  47. Andrew Mpofu

    Andrew MpofuAcum oră

    Nando's is from South Africa Wiz 🇿🇦



    Watching for my man Sean! Fuck this guy, it would be fine if he joked on a chicken bone. Fuck you Gordon!

  49. Al Reyes

    Al ReyesAcum oră

    I hate it when the crowds are there it’s better when he’s alone with the guest 🤦‍♂️

  50. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyuAcum oră

    DaBaby being on this show is sure proof that he's officially goated

  51. Shaira Bautista

    Shaira BautistaAcum oră

    Omg, Kinokonoyama is my favorite Japanese snack ever! I hope Claire makes them for Gourmet Makes! They’re so delicious!m, and are just the perfect little snacks!

  52. Mark R

    Mark RAcum oră

    I’ve wait a long time for this final dab day to happen.

  53. ammcd2012

    ammcd2012Acum oră

    Claire at 9:36!!!


    BLACK HEARTAcum oră

    One of my fevorite episode ever ♥️😂 Paul Rudd Is A National Treasure 😂♥️🤘🏽

  55. Tyfunk 02

    Tyfunk 02Acum oră

    Claire and Reina? I didn’t know I needed this, but I love it so much

  56. Black Cat

    Black CatAcum oră


  57. Brian McNulty

    Brian McNultyAcum oră

    That phone camera thing man. lol

  58. brandon

    brandonAcum oră

    26:10 pauseeeeeeee

  59. Patrick McManus

    Patrick McManusAcum oră

    Reina!! I remember her from the old Soucefed.

  60. Dunlet

    DunletAcum oră

    So jealous! 🤤😢

  61. Tamara Claudio

    Tamara ClaudioAcum oră


  62. Morgan Whatford

    Morgan WhatfordAcum oră

    Mike Chen is amazing, constantly eating you know he really loves it

  63. elijah duran

    elijah duranAcum oră

    Fuck Joe budden

  64. Aposss

    AposssAcum oră

    I was wondering where is claire and why is everyone talking about her, she's not even in the video. Until minute 10 :3

  65. Trish

    TrishAcum oră

    The employees are ALWAYS rude af!

  66. XeXeeD

    XeXeeDAcum oră

    Claire is so beautiful and lovely

  67. Trap_Sensei 05

    Trap_Sensei 05Acum oră

    Go back to the studio. Much more intimate for viewers and more interesting.

  68. The Amazing Mr.Airplane

    The Amazing Mr.AirplaneAcum oră

    Onigiri? Wait you mean the Jelly Filled Donuts?

  69. Tom

    TomAcum oră

    Wheres my sakura gummies.. long long maaaaaa-aaaa-aaa-aaannnnnnnnnnn

  70. Israel Gabriel

    Israel GabrielAcum oră

    I like how chef ramsey can be a pussy and a fucking savage at the same time

  71. amv240388

    amv240388Acum oră

    Claire should make Mochi 😄

  72. Brooki P

    Brooki PAcum 2 ore

    When your favorites are in the same video! <3 Mike and Claire!

  73. Jake Schimmers

    Jake SchimmersAcum 2 ore

    In-n-out is trash

  74. [OP] chris

    [OP] chrisAcum 2 ore

    I love that easy going kinda feel from post.

  75. Tyler Schoenfuss

    Tyler SchoenfussAcum 2 ore

    Shit! Fucking hell! Lmao

  76. GamerToons

    GamerToonsAcum 2 ore

    Shawn is fucking with him the whole time. Man Khaled is a fucking bitch.

  77. Ohialehua Crozier

    Ohialehua CrozierAcum 2 ore

    I feel this is the best one yet.

  78. it'sJust.Zaino Diaz

    it'sJust.Zaino DiazAcum 2 ore

    The live audience ruins the authenticity of the show, the laughs are repetitive and sound fake and the hosts intro line delivery was weird.

  79. Evening Commenter

    Evening CommenterAcum 2 ore

    19:39 I am so hungry for pizza right now! It's 4:00AM and I want to eat a full pizza, with wings, 2 cokes, Pilsbury cookies, and a glass of milk.

  80. Alex Pivaral

    Alex PivaralAcum 2 ore

    Ppl pay money to see this douche.. when he said knowledge he literally thought tht was a clever answer. How is he famous. He fcken eats chicken and ice cream

  81. CoreyJay

    CoreyJayAcum 2 ore

    Onigiri? I think you mean jelly-filled donuts

  82. Sarah A

    Sarah AAcum 2 ore

    Thank god they agree that pizza is pizza and okonomiyaki is cabbage pancake. I see people don't give a dime what's what and they call themselves chefs

  83. notdead

    notdeadAcum 2 ore

    I love Raina!!!

  84. Sana Kothawala

    Sana KothawalaAcum 2 ore

    There should be deep fake of got season 8 lol

  85. Jun Li

    Jun LiAcum 2 ore

    T'was so short, Mikey didnt have time to insert a pun. Sad face

  86. Austin Poznoski

    Austin PoznoskiAcum 2 ore

    the video starts at 9:38 you're welcome

  87. Adnan Orakzai

    Adnan OrakzaiAcum 2 ore

    Half sour sweet claire❤

  88. Ongoing Discovery

    Ongoing DiscoveryAcum 2 ore

    In a Japanese accent Kit Kats sounds like 'Kitto Katsu'. In Japanese 'kitto' means 'surely' or 'definitely', and 'katsu' means 'to win'. Its a popular snack to give to people before exams and other things where you would want to wish someone good luck because it means 'definitely win'. Thats part of the reason why Kit Kats blew up in Japan.

  89. TSTB

    TSTBAcum 2 ore

    Reina and cftbatk? Didn't know I wanted that combo, but here we are

  90. Nadhila Savira

    Nadhila SaviraAcum 2 ore

    Two names I never thought would be in the same video. Love it