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DDG - Pontiac (Audio)
DDG - Bank (Audio)

    FLORIDA BOI PUMPAcum 5 ore

    Speed to 1.25x makes it sound better


    FLORIDA BOI PUMPAcum 5 ore

    DDG is my #Doppelgänger

  3. Jay Huncho TV

    Jay Huncho TVAcum 5 ore

    Most slept on so g

  4. Amena Begum

    Amena BegumAcum 6 ore


  5. zZay

    zZayAcum 6 ore

    when the mirror started rapping and he looked at us.. lmao

  6. Eugene FromAfrica

    Eugene FromAfricaAcum 7 ore


  7. Yezzir Worm

    Yezzir WormAcum 8 ore

    Am glad that no days people can make money no days from the stuff not like in the 90’s but dam not much quality nowadays🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. Jaik Knowles

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  9. Donovan Looney

    Donovan LooneyAcum 8 ore

    Overseas drip

  10. prod Akello

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  11. SumLit

    SumLitAcum 10 ore

    Here after every video ddg makes 🔥

  12. Biracial Jesus

    Biracial JesusAcum 11 ore

    This man going to blow up ether way it goes,just be patient.💯💪🏽

  13. BAKA WZ

    BAKA WZAcum 11 ore


  14. Dokarie Perkins

    Dokarie PerkinsAcum 11 ore

    Nle wore the same pants in the Walk Em Down videoooo. btw ur music is always lit lol

  15. Food Delight tv By Ayinke

    Food Delight tv By AyinkeAcum 11 ore

    Nice and amazing music keep growing bro

  16. James Safi

    James SafiAcum 11 ore

    YOOO WHAT THE. The ending tho

  17. Food Delight tv By Ayinke

    Food Delight tv By AyinkeAcum 11 ore

    I love this song

  18. Bri Tube

    Bri TubeAcum 11 ore

    Bru dis go hard idc 🔥

  19. Fallon Mip

    Fallon MipAcum 15 ore

    Nah but this hard

  20. Prettybadxo

    PrettybadxoAcum 15 ore

    It’s the wife beater x mirror view for me 🤤

  21. Camryn Harrison

    Camryn HarrisonAcum 16 ore


  22. Camryn Harrison

    Camryn HarrisonAcum 16 ore


  23. Jevon Lewis

    Jevon LewisAcum 16 ore

    Shit hard asf

  24. Young-v23 Ad

    Young-v23 AdAcum 17 ore


  25. landen plays fortnite

    landen plays fortniteAcum 17 ore

    DDG gonna become a legend like x and juice was i can tell he already fire tho

  26. Jack Beeno

    Jack BeenoAcum 18 ore

    I could see DRAKE getting on this 🔥 🔥

  27. senai haile

    senai haileAcum 19 ore

    his bitches ugly bruuh

  28. Clifford Lee3

    Clifford Lee3Acum 19 ore

    Y u in a store u should just be flexin doe it makes sense cause ur rich and be buyin expensive stuff lol

  29. pippa blossom

    pippa blossomAcum 19 ore

    there not wrong tho 😉😉😉

  30. Dee Numbah4k

    Dee Numbah4kAcum 20 ore

    "I'm finna fly her ahh outtta state... She threw it bacc on me shii wahh gr8"🔥

  31. W.A.T.A TV

    W.A.T.A TVAcum 20 ore

    This is a banger 💓

  32. Larry2icy TV

    Larry2icy TVAcum 21 oră

    Ddg you changed my life man thank you for impacting my life especially at the challenger games 🙌🏽‼️ keep doing yo shit

  33. bliauxR6

    bliauxR6Acum 21 oră

    Those shoes fire no cap

  34. K. Money

    K. MoneyAcum 21 oră

    Love that you had pops in it .

  35. Rorisang Lesole

    Rorisang LesoleAcum 22 ore

    This song is a hitttt

  36. J Brown

    J BrownAcum 23 ore

    2020 anyone?

  37. Dee

    DeeAcum 23 ore

    i wanted this to blow up more then it did :(

  38. amya james

    amya jamesAcum o Zi

    omg i love how ddg can master every music style. im just waiting for him to come out with a country song.

  39. amya james

    amya jamesAcum o Zi

    whos here after all the "whos here after toxic" comments?

  40. Daniel Rosheuvel

    Daniel RosheuvelAcum o Zi

    Shit this my like 10th time bumping to this song


    CJB SQUADAcum o Zi

    This song needs to go platinum

  42. amya james

    amya jamesAcum o Zi

    This a whole movie NO CAP!🔥

  43. Andres Concha

    Andres ConchaAcum o Zi

    This song to hard to be disliked

  44. amya james

    amya jamesAcum o Zi


  45. Finesse Kid

    Finesse KidAcum o Zi


  46. Nathon Cummings

    Nathon CummingsAcum o Zi

    0:35 why he look like a gta character

  47. Antony Markous

    Antony MarkousAcum o Zi

    why this not on Spotify

  48. Isaiah Brown

    Isaiah BrownAcum o Zi


  49. purplex

    purplexAcum o Zi

    wow, this is fireeeee 🔥

  50. Realist T

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  52. MrKingBroadway93

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    This is his best song idc 🔥 🔥 🔥

  53. LondonMadeDSA

    LondonMadeDSAAcum o Zi

    I’m 13 and I ain’t do shit

  54. FalcoFN

    FalcoFNAcum o Zi

    "Don't lie who clicked fast and went straight to the comments🎺" (ɪ'ᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ) 💕

  55. Shania Saminaden

    Shania SaminadenAcum o Zi

    I swear DDG only glows up. Never disappointed with his music💯 Respect man

  56. Lawrence Seay

    Lawrence SeayAcum o Zi

    This shit different then all the city music i fucks with kinda tired of hearing that same shit n i feel it be like that in LA but good vibes n i can workout to this but for the most i been waiting to hear something other then jack boy shit n drug dealing shit that why you up fr you gots to be different out here YRN

  57. Sanusi Kabiru

    Sanusi KabiruAcum o Zi

    Give it time 🎙

  58. Sanusi Kabiru

    Sanusi KabiruAcum o Zi

    Bro cause of consistency imma bet $5k DDG gon win a Grammy

  59. flashflywings plays

    flashflywings playsAcum o Zi

    It’s crazy he left his door wide open lol

  60. Juan Rodarte

    Juan RodarteAcum o Zi

    still stuck on this song straight heat 🙏

  61. Malique Nizigiyimana

    Malique NizigiyimanaAcum o Zi

    Bro this song is so cool

  62. HUNT3R

    HUNT3RAcum o Zi

    I wanna blow up so i can be this dudes homie

  63. Queensland nova

    Queensland novaAcum o Zi

    Is she pregnant

  64. Queensland nova

    Queensland novaAcum o Zi

    Did she die

  65. shandon johnson

    shandon johnsonAcum o Zi

    1:23 “I bought the Richard the Roille the Patek the AP I’m rocking the, four different days”🔥🔥🔥

  66. Ethan Joaneth

    Ethan JoanethAcum o Zi

    The instrumentals dope

  67. MrMelgibstein

    MrMelgibsteinAcum o Zi

    China wants black africans to get up on time .rogos.info/video/fmdwq2a4mZefob4.html

  68. Zeus 47

    Zeus 47Acum o Zi

    This song is lit and has meaning

  69. Cosmic

    CosmicAcum o Zi

    John cena these niggas can’t see me 🤐🔥🔥

  70. Sentavius Hunt

    Sentavius HuntAcum o Zi

    He is died wrong for cheating on her she is to cute for that

  71. Constance

    ConstanceAcum o Zi

    This go hard 💪😂

  72. Anika Nabry

    Anika NabryAcum o Zi

    This song is fire ion care what nobody say

  73. kingbrayden 247

    kingbrayden 247Acum o Zi

    dang it hit 45mil ddg squad strong

  74. Bobby Sullivan

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  75. tim tim ulmer

    tim tim ulmerAcum o Zi

    Who else listens to when they booted

  76. Lubabalo Kela

    Lubabalo KelaAcum o Zi

    I swear there ain't nobody like DDG. Humble and soon to become a GOAT. on 4nem

  77. *Tarynn〈3

    *Tarynn〈3Acum o Zi


  78. Lil Jetix

    Lil JetixAcum o Zi

    Ddg the new Superman 🤣🤣🤣0:43

  79. Jermaine Marara

    Jermaine MararaAcum o Zi

    No cap 🧢

  80. Ryan Wrld

    Ryan WrldAcum o Zi

    I'm a soundcloud rapper and ddg just influences me to keep going. Please search me up at ryanwrld on soundcloud

  81. Mikey Boii

    Mikey BoiiAcum o Zi

    this low-key hard

  82. Christian Leal

    Christian LealAcum o Zi

    "I ain't the same nigga from Michigan state"

  83. DrGameboy

    DrGameboyAcum o Zi

    not a single black female in this video, lmao.

  84. tyedon

    tyedonAcum o Zi


  85. Saucy-Legend 09

    Saucy-Legend 09Acum o Zi

    I’m proud of ddg from the ground up

  86. Dat Kid RoXk

    Dat Kid RoXkAcum o Zi

    Who made da beat

  87. Lil G

    Lil GAcum o Zi

    Ddg ft deshaefrost. Anyone else wants to see this ?

  88. Ornie Tando

    Ornie TandoAcum o Zi

    This shit is a banger!!😍😍

  89. MarciYoungkBoi

    MarciYoungkBoiAcum o Zi

    This shit go hard


    G-KUFF MUSICAcum 2 Zile

    Who watching the video an scrolling through the comments?🙃

  91. Beatz By Dougie

    Beatz By DougieAcum 2 Zile

    rogos.info/video/eKF8tqberqpticg.html Type beat

  92. SaGe Omari

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    rogos.info/video/pI2ku4LX2V-aitQ.html 🔥😳😱

  94. J Smooth

    J SmoothAcum 2 Zile

    rogos.info/video/pI2ku4LX2V-aitQ.html 🔥😳😱

  95. I'm A Meme

    I'm A MemeAcum 2 Zile

    1:48 *NLE Choppa has joined the chat*

  96. Vanessa Frison

    Vanessa FrisonAcum 2 Zile

    This shit fyeee


    THE REAL FLIZAcum 2 Zile

    6 MILL ON THE WAY🔥🤞🏽🐐

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    He so fucking fine bruh

  99. Vize Wavy

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  100. Vize Wavy

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    Still banging this shit in 2020🔥