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November 22, 1919

November 22, 1919

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Believe In Love

Believe In Love

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Fly On Vancouver
  1. VlaDanger TV

    VlaDanger TVAcum 3 minute

    Best song


    FOYSHAL A IFADAcum 8 minute

    100% untalented police .

  3. Leo Becker

    Leo BeckerAcum 10 minute

    RIP Avicii 💗 (Producer)

  4. Jxoxbear

    JxoxbearAcum 19 minute

    does this song make anyone else cry? just me... okay.

  5. Darren Mizon

    Darren MizonAcum 22 minute

    Maybe the person 'sent' to 'fix' you is already here... You just dont see them, because your still sleeping...wake up. It's a beautiful life 💚

  6. u know BTS? billboard singer

    u know BTS? billboard singerAcum 23 minute

    One day i’ll watch you live, one day ✊🏼

  7. saranya sengupta

    saranya senguptaAcum 34 minute

    How many of my Indians fellows noticed Sonam Kapoor in the video???

  8. thai VINCENTO

    thai VINCENTOAcum 34 minute

    dans ces vies il y aura des chanceux et des beaucoup moins ,invincible est un grand film avec une vrais histoire ,,,,, ,j y pense souvent ,ça évite de m apitoyer sur notre sort

  9. Natalia Guadalupe Mansillas Sandoval

    Natalia Guadalupe Mansillas SandovalAcum 41 minut

    Me hubiera encantado que estuviera subtitulado

  10. Oxinous Breaker

    Oxinous BreakerAcum 42 minute

    Anybody here from Fallen Kingdom?


    OTM TIGGERAcum 45 minute


  12. Suh Santos

    Suh SantosAcum 49 minute

    Só ❤ Brasil representou 😍

  13. Carlos C

    Carlos CAcum 49 minute

    Is everyone ignoring the fact that he praises the Lord Christ at the end?

  14. 赤Red

    赤RedAcum 53 minute


  15. Rishabh Singh

    Rishabh SinghAcum 57 minute

    Who are the others like me who first liked the video then started listening,Cause we all know its going to be great!!

  16. Jeffrey 337

    Jeffrey 337Acum 58 minute

    Next Full Video

  17. Apurva Trivedi

    Apurva TrivediAcum oră

    Wasn't feeling it the first time I heard it. However it's grown on me like an infection, now I can't stop listening!

  18. Nakshatra Kumawat

    Nakshatra KumawatAcum oră

    Did someone else noticed sonam kapoor in the end???😂😂😂😂😂😂😂like if u saw her

  19. angelica ns

    angelica nsAcum oră

    I always love this song since the 1st time appeared. And yet i just took my son watched Abominable..& already this few days since feel magic again in this song cause this song appeared precisely well in the movie & all just match.."Lights will guide you home & ignite your bones.. I will try to fix you".

  20. Nadaaa

    NadaaaAcum oră

    • but if you never try you’ll never know •

  21. Louise

    LouiseAcum oră

    PSA: if you're here in 2019, you have great music taste

  22. Claude Monete

    Claude MoneteAcum oră


  23. Martyna Kruszyna

    Martyna KruszynaAcum oră

    Bay (:6; Z Zl

  24. TokyoBlue

    TokyoBlueAcum oră

    Cool, looking forward to watching the concert. Also I need to learn these songs on my guitar.

  25. Róbert Èvi

    Róbert ÈviAcum oră


  26. Aleks Rosiński

    Aleks RosińskiAcum oră

    I can hear it 20 times a day actually because of that I hate this song 😂

  27. Paolo Morato

    Paolo MoratoAcum oră

    they should do a music video with this song

  28. htitou ilham

    htitou ilhamAcum oră

    such an amazing song

  29. Sávio Lisboa

    Sávio LisboaAcum oră

    Só eu quando jovem pensava que essa música era do U2? Kkk

  30. Arvin Barandoc

    Arvin BarandocAcum oră

    Suits finale brought me here 😭

  31. Claude Monete

    Claude MoneteAcum oră

    ❤YOU ARE MY HEROE CHRIS THIS MY SONG WITH THE NARCISST UFF try to leave him but dont go away help me😔 CALL IT MAGIC AMIGO ❤U✌

  32. Rojie Pongasi

    Rojie PongasiAcum oră


  33. Nashma Soto

    Nashma SotoAcum oră


  34. Baby Driver

    Baby DriverAcum 2 ore

    Anyone listening now 2015

  35. Njoku Jonathan

    Njoku JonathanAcum 2 ore

    Afrobeat to the world!!!!

  36. Yassin Rouis

    Yassin RouisAcum 2 ore

    Vert good song!!!!!!😉😉😉👍👍👍

  37. DERIEL 10

    DERIEL 10Acum 2 ore

    Trending pada masanya~🧡💛

  38. Dalya Alayadh

    Dalya AlayadhAcum 2 ore

    Brazilians are amazing people! They make everything so much better

  39. Jasper Bakker

    Jasper BakkerAcum 2 ore

    Please make more of these things. I love it!

  40. Antony Cecil

    Antony CecilAcum 2 ore

    Johnny Buckland looks more like Will Champion than Will Champion himself

  41. Travel Beyond Myles - Amit

    Travel Beyond Myles - AmitAcum 2 ore

    Only 38 million 😣

  42. S. V.

    S. V.Acum 2 ore

    Tell me hooow you feeeeeel.

  43. Salvatore Chiego

    Salvatore ChiegoAcum 2 ore

    Sempre grande

  44. 50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos Challenge

    50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos ChallengeAcum 2 ore

    You were given 7 years of Luck _Like to activate_

  45. 50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos Challenge

    50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos ChallengeAcum 2 ore

    When I was 16 I was I closing the fridge door slowly to see if the light turned off.😁

  46. Duy Phạm

    Duy PhạmAcum 2 ore

    We are ...

  47. Lidia

    LidiaAcum 2 ore


  48. Tokito Zhimo

    Tokito ZhimoAcum 2 ore

    Now with this song my every day life is gonna be different

  49. mohit yogi

    mohit yogiAcum 2 ore

    Love India From Nepal

  50. Subhadeep Ghosh

    Subhadeep GhoshAcum 2 ore


  51. Jet Republica

    Jet RepublicaAcum 2 ore

    Who's listening this NOVEMBER 2019? Common I know I'm not alone . Jesus Christ Loves ❤️ you. Life is all about family and friends. Loving each one of us today, PEACE ✌️ Life is truly worth living. "So lying underneath those stormy skies She'd say Oh I know the sun must set to rise"

  52. Aranza Alvarez

    Aranza AlvarezAcum 2 ore

    Love India From México

  53. Gaelle Foschia

    Gaelle FoschiaAcum 3 ore

    Ça rigole pas ❄️libérée délivrée 🏹Merci les gars

  54. Inwook Choe

    Inwook ChoeAcum 3 ore

    Let's target for billboard #1 for this great song.

  55. Androsred Scrap

    Androsred ScrapAcum 3 ore

    I was in 6th grad in Colorado, knowing I was moving to Texas the next school year. Everytime I hear this song it reminds me of my my childhood friends. They played this on Channel 1 news last day of school.

  56. Cookiez ;P

    Cookiez ;PAcum 3 ore

    Chris: I-I-I wanna know Why? Chris: It just looks cool

  57. agus pelowzi

    agus pelowziAcum 3 ore


  58. roman randall

    roman randallAcum 3 ore

    love it

  59. Bloggies

    BloggiesAcum 3 ore

    3:50 what the hell are those drumsticks will?😂

  60. Gaelle Foschia

    Gaelle FoschiaAcum 3 ore

    Sponsorisé par American express

  61. Carlos Dee123

    Carlos Dee123Acum 3 ore

    When u break a kids ankle in footy VIVA LA VIDA starts

  62. Nadège l' Arlésienne

    Nadège l' ArlésienneAcum 3 ore

    Coldplay un groupe que j'affectionne depuis tant d'années je ne suis jamais déçu de leurs chansons j'aimerais tant aller les voir à Marseille. Merci pour tout le bonheur que vous nous procurer avec vos magnifique chanson kiss 😘

  63. Bassas Muzaqy

    Bassas MuzaqyAcum 3 ore


  64. E Z

    E ZAcum 3 ore

    Listening to this song, his voice.. Make me sooooo calm. TQ coldplay. Love you forrrrrrEVERRRRR

  65. J FAF

    J FAFAcum 4 ore

    Te quiero Stefanía 💜 12/11/19

  66. Sarang Sejwal

    Sarang SejwalAcum 4 ore

    Real factor of India not depicted..........corruption

  67. Émø 3mìly

    Émø 3mìlyAcum 4 ore

    13 nov 2019 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

  68. Claude Monete

    Claude MoneteAcum 4 ore


  69. Gouranga Naskar

    Gouranga NaskarAcum 4 ore

    Great man in the world.. You okay then everything ok.

  70. Arjun Yaduvanshi

    Arjun YaduvanshiAcum 4 ore

    100% talent

  71. Masni Shinta

    Masni ShintaAcum 4 ore

    And i will try to fix you..

  72. Leah Marple

    Leah MarpleAcum 4 ore

    There no need for swearingin the songs

  73. Unblockd

    UnblockdAcum 4 ore

    My school has this intro as the intro to their news segments

  74. The Enlighten Entrepreneur

    The Enlighten EntrepreneurAcum 4 ore

    This song is beautiful. Great Job guys.

  75. Leah Marple

    Leah MarpleAcum 4 ore

    One more song 10songs latter

  76. Daniel-Magno -

    Daniel-Magno -Acum 4 ore


  77. Nangs

    NangsAcum 5 ore

    Chat spam BibleThump

  78. riko antines

    riko antinesAcum 5 ore

    my favorit band coldplay i love u

  79. Haidir 123

    Haidir 123Acum 5 ore

    Love : america🇺🇸 and india🇮🇳 From : indonesia🇮🇩

  80. Adau Monydhang

    Adau MonydhangAcum 5 ore

    never gets old.............whose here on November 2019

  81. Ahmed Mustafa

    Ahmed MustafaAcum 5 ore

    Generation of peace & Love 😎

  82. Mirror Domains

    Mirror DomainsAcum 5 ore

    I still don't like that Chris likes to make chords with his thumb!!! no!! but to each their own.

  83. Anshul Yadav

    Anshul YadavAcum 5 ore

    lets make this vedio budget friendly by shooting in india

  84. Noscoper God

    Noscoper GodAcum 5 ore

    I feel like I’ve seen these monks before

  85. Biih SCCP

    Biih SCCPAcum 5 ore

    Uma sofrência boa, pleno fim de 2019! 🙁

  86. Ben The Ripper

    Ben The RipperAcum 5 ore

    Dang Johnny grew that beard out I almost didn’t recognize him

  87. melvin

    melvinAcum 5 ore

    Ok but can someone tell me why is the thumbnail in black and white

  88. amygal888

    amygal888Acum 5 ore

    Hearing Chris Martin wrote this for Gwenyth after her dad died makes me love this song more than I already do

  89. Fen Polemica

    Fen PolemicaAcum 5 ore

    What time broadcast stream in italy?

  90. kunzang chuki

    kunzang chukiAcum 5 ore

    I'm here today. AGAIN!!

  91. Destinygamer3268 Destinygamer3268

    Destinygamer3268 Destinygamer3268Acum 5 ore

    How they make it look like slow motion but his lips still match what I hear. Like it ain't late or nothing? The heck...

  92. Sh1tposter

    Sh1tposterAcum 5 ore

    This is what flashbacks sound like

  93. 50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos Challenge

    50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos ChallengeAcum 6 ore

    "Who’s here because they actually liked the song? ­ 👍👍👍"

  94. Karolina Simmons

    Karolina SimmonsAcum 6 ore

    Recuerdo cuando dedique esta cancion al amor de mi vida 😢💕❤️ lo amooooo

  95. Ser J

    Ser JAcum 6 ore

    Hi guys! When you gonna give concert in Russia, Moscow? Will it happens again? If yes, when?) With respect, Sergei K.

  96. John Carter

    John CarterAcum 6 ore

    Love India 🇮🇳 From Trinidad &Tobago 🇹🇹

  97. TruthSeeker

    TruthSeekerAcum 6 ore

    This is the greatest song of all time

  98. Crono The Kawaii Fox

    Crono The Kawaii FoxAcum 6 ore

    Oh my God, the hype!!!

  99. Mustafa Emir Demirbilek

    Mustafa Emir DemirbilekAcum 6 ore

    Jodie whittaker a söylettiğiniz için teşekkürler

  100. Nirajan Adhikari

    Nirajan AdhikariAcum 6 ore

    😄😄 ?? Merry Christmas 🎁 everyone 😁😁