This Capri Sun Popsicle Hack Is A Refreshing Summer Treat For Kids

First, you will need Capri Sun juice pouches or any juice or fruit beverage pouches that you can pierce easily. The straw that comes with the pouch can conveniently be used to make a hole in the bottom of your pouch. However, if it’s missing, don’t sweat it and use a knife to poke a small hole instead.  Make sure that you flip it over before doing this so your floor does not get wet with juice! As shown below we added our pouches to a plastic container to both keep any spills at bay and to easily keep them upright in the freezer. 

Then to make your popsicles, you will need to add a popsicle stick to the pouch. Put the popsicle pouch into your freezer upside down until frozen. When you are ready to eat it, cut the top off, and you can use the popsicle stick to eat it like a push-pop frozen treat!

capri sun popsicles
capri sun popsicles
capri sun popsicles

How do you make Fruit Pouch Push Up Pops?

You can also forgo the popsicle stick and just freeze the Capri Sun and cut off the top and push up to eat like a frozen dessert. 

What a cool summer treat for kids! And who doesn’t love a good popsicle in the summer heat? The kids will get so excited when they see these Capri Sun Popsicles! They’re fruity, delicious and colorful. We used the 50% low sugar version with no artificial coloring to keep them a bit healthier.. 

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