strawberry cake

Prepare ingredients for making fresh cream sandwiches

6 sandwiches. This type of cake is usually produced in the same day, so the shelf life is usually short. Therefore, you should pay attention to choose the cake with a little longer date to make the cake softer, chewier and more delicious!
Some favorite fruits like mango, kiwi, strawberry, etc.
150ml whipping cream
1 tube of vanilla or 1 teaspoon of vanilla
25g sugar
Cream cheese

The ultimate fruit-and-cream sandwich recipe
Here is a simple fresh cream sandwich recipe for your reference:

Step 1:
Mix whipping cream, cream cheese and sugar in a small bowl and beat until well combined and smooth. Then, store in the refrigerator to store for later use.
Next, you wash the fruit and cut it into small pieces.
Step 2:
Please use cling film to line the cutting board and then arrange the bread on top. Then spread any flavored fruit jam you like on the crust on one side of the bread.
With the other side of the cake, the sisters arrange the freshly cut pieces of fruit so that it is harmonious and beautiful and covered with a layer of fresh cream.
Step 3:
Grab another slice of sandwich to cover, then cover with cling film.
To make the cake look more attractive, before sandwiching the cake, you can mark the position of the pieces of fruit to cut on the slice of bread to help the pieces of fruit show out.
Step 4:
Just enjoy your results!
Thus, the sisters had more cakes to occasionally change meals for the family or apply for business. Sandwiches with fresh fruit ice cream are extremely rich in vitamins and nutrients, delicious and attractive, and will definitely help you sell expensive clothes.

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