Somn - The All-Devouring [Full Album]

Genre: Post black atmospheric metal
Artist: Somn
Album: The All-Devouring (January January 27, 2019)
Country: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Album released via Elusive Sound.
Elusive Sound:
Facebook: wprdwells/
Twitter: wprdwells
Instagram: wherepostrockdwells
01. Sightless 00:00
02. Awe 10:48
03. Tempest 18:46
04. The All-Devouring 28:44
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  1. Brendan Mc

    Brendan McAcum 4 luni

    Nice album. Well the bait is that If you see a photo of the band members you may think they sing pop or some indie soft shit. Nice music lads buuut get a metal look please.

  2. Ernesto Funesto

    Ernesto FunestoAcum 16 Zile

    enjoy their music and stfu

  3. Dreamtime76

    Dreamtime76Acum 5 luni

    somn means sleep in romanian

  4. Jack_ _

    Jack_ _Acum 7 luni

    *May contain Vodka

  5. Vasco Mendes

    Vasco MendesAcum 8 luni

    Fucking rock-solid. \m/

  6. Karlo Jankovic

    Karlo JankovicAcum 11 luni

    What a great album, one of my favourites this year! And probably the best metal album I’ve listened to in 2019

  7. After Daylight Band

    After Daylight BandAcum 11 luni


  8. Patrik Schnell

    Patrik SchnellAcum 11 luni

    sex during this album hurts

  9. Ash wilkinson

    Ash wilkinsonAcum 11 luni

    Ive had this thing on loop since its release date!

  10. cory leblanc

    cory leblancAcum 11 luni

    i hear sunbather

  11. Karlo Jankovic

    Karlo JankovicAcum 11 luni

    Definitely resembles Deafheaven, but if their music can be described as wall of distortion with a ray of light breaking through, Somn can be described as wall of distortion surrounded by eternal winter, in the middle of West Siberian wasteland, with periods of heavy snow and periods of complete silence devoid of life. Damn I never knew I was so poetic :D

  12. Vivian Freites

    Vivian FreitesAcum 11 luni

    Just this morning I was thinking that I wanted to find some new music. Atmospheric Black Metal is one of my favorite genres, so this is gold! I'm inlove, i really like it! 🖤

  13. Frigoris Rauros

    Frigoris RaurosAcum an

    The vocals remind me of Ghost Bath

  14. Moon

    MoonAcum an

    It's been a while since I have listened to some proper Post-Black Metal! Good job lads!

  15. Dé Comics

    Dé ComicsAcum an

    Holy bawlz

  16. troll hunter 79

    troll hunter 79Acum an


  17. Daniel Noland

    Daniel NolandAcum an

    meanwhile, in Russia. 🤘

  18. I Am Rod

    I Am RodAcum an

    This album is astonishingly wonderful!

  19. David E

    David EAcum an

    Very impressive nice work love it!!!

  20. Andy Hall

    Andy HallAcum an

    Imon my way Angeles

  21. Unfcknblvbl

    UnfcknblvblAcum an

    If this had been all-instrumental it would have been amazing.

  22. Mark Geurds

    Mark GeurdsAcum an

    @Moose Chaser he's a person drumming in two awesome bands ;)

  23. Moose Chaser

    Moose ChaserAcum an

    @Mark Geurds i found out earlier that the drummer is Trna's drummer

  24. Mark Geurds

    Mark GeurdsAcum an

    @Moose Chaser no shit. same member(s?)

  25. Suicide By Apathy

    Suicide By ApathyAcum an

    Would be cool if they had an instrumental version too.

  26. Moose Chaser

    Moose ChaserAcum an

    It is amazing as it is but it would be awesome to have an instrumental version indeed. Got some Trna vibes on this one

  27. Forever metH

    Forever metHAcum an

    Bruuuutal !!!!! ✊️

  28. Cody Beinert

    Cody BeinertAcum an

    I'd hate to be negative, but even though usually I like atmospheric black metal, this one was a bit too intense for me XD The songwriting is really good, but I wish there was more balancing between heavy and light, so the intensity can be less overwhelming. But that's my opinion. This band has potential, so I hope they'll show it later on :)

  29. Hernan Nova Contreras

    Hernan Nova ContrerasAcum an

    i saw a howling north facebook publication about this band, and i want to say that is impressive how russians made post rock/black, great album :)

  30. Bigbird447

    Bigbird447Acum an

    Have you given April Rain a listen? Another Russian post rock group.

  31. Trevillyan

    TrevillyanAcum an

    I could tell by the first note that this was a good album

  32. Deserea Martin

    Deserea MartinAcum an

    Haha right

  33. David Kelly

    David KellyAcum an


  34. Faxie83

    Faxie83Acum an