In the digital age, there are so many wonderful resources available for kids. I came across this great resource lately. It includes 10 free learning websites for kids. So although you may be limiting the amount of time your children spend in front of the screen, when they are using your computer, they can be learning at the same time. Learning is best when it is fun! Even when I was teaching in the classroom, I found that children did best when we made games out of their curriculum. It keeps them engaged while striving to reach their educational goals (because they’d want to win, and there’s nothing like a personal challenge to keep things interesting!) So while you are having fun with your children this summer exploring the wonderful world around them and seeing all the things that they can’t quite get while they are in school, keep them engaged in learning and retaining their past curriculum with some online fun. The includes some of our favorites, like: PBS and Starfall, but also some new ones worth checking out.

If you know of more great learning websites for children, please share them 

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