• Do you know any soon-to-be parents? If you’re heading to a baby shower soon or would like to give expecting parents a cute gift, these diaper babies are a perfect DIY gift idea. Not only are they cute, they’re easy to make, but they are also VERY useful. No cumbersome pins, sticky glue, or unnecessary supplies are needed. When the diapers are needed for the newborn, they come apart quickly and are ready to use! Plus, I’ve made a quick video to show you how to assemble them. Be sure to pin and keep this tutorial for any future showers you will be going to! ?

You Will Need

  • Diapers
  • Baby washcloths
  • Scotch tape
  • Baby socks
  • Thin tip markers/pens
  • Small basket


  1. Fold the washcloth in half
    Folded baby washcloth
  2. Roll a diaper tightly and secure it with tape
    rolled up diaper secured with tape
  3. Place the rolled up diaper in the center of the folded washcloth as shown
    Rolled up diaper in washcloth
  4. Put one side over the diaper
  5. Wrap the second size of the washcloth and secure it in the back with tape
    Wrapping up a diaper baby
  6. Add a baby sock on top as the baby’s hat
  7. Add eyes with thin pens/markers
  8. Place the diaper babies in a small basket, using regular diapers behind them to prop them up and help them stand up straight.
    **To make the second row of diaper babies stand higher than the front row, I used 2 folded diapers underneath them

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