Brilliant Bakers Design Peacock Wedding Cake with a Trail of Tail Feather Cupcakes

Some desserts look too good to eat (well, almost) and Malizzi Cakes recently crafted a wedding cake that was as pretty as it was delicious. Inspired by the bride’s love of peacocks, baking sisters Liz Malizzi Skokowski and Darlene Malizzi Tillman created a unique tiered cake that doubles as a work of food art. It featured a peacock’s body as the cake topper and colorful plumage that trailed down the dessert and continued onto the table via cupcakes decorated with edible feather toppers.

Everything on the peacock wedding cake was handmade by the sisters. “We took into account the colors the bride wanted to use for her wedding and created the colors for the feathers,” Skokowski explains to My Modern Met. Once Skokowski and Tillman had the color palette figured out, they set to work crafting all of the components. “The topper was hand-made out of fondant,” she reveals. “The three-tier cake took about three to four hours to create. The cupcakes and feathers took an additional three to four hours as well.” All feathers were airbrushed to give them additional texture.

The Pennsylvania-based bakery has been a family operation for many years. While the two sisters now design the beautiful cakes, the business was started by their mom, Lisa Malizzi. It grew from being something for family and friends into a business that has been the center of many celebrations.

Malizzi Cakes created a pretty peacock wedding cake featuring a trail of edible feather-topped cupcakes as its tail—all of it was handmade.

Peacock Wedding Cake

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