Billie Eilish - everything i wanted (Audio)

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing everything i wanted (Audio). © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records



    PHOENIX WHO RISEAcum 8 ore

    i am obssessed in this song. form yesterday i have listened to it at least 200 times.


    LEGATOAcum 8 ore

    *Поддержите парня , трилл и фонк на русском , всем добра )*

  3. Xavi Ribau

    Xavi RibauAcum 9 ore Take a look at this. Fans reacting to the song. So funny.

  4. Parisa18

    Parisa18Acum 9 ore

    what is the name of the painting? 🤞

  5. Gabriel Santos

    Gabriel SantosAcum 9 ore

    This is deleilishfully amazing.

  6. Lady Sagdiana Sagdiana

    Lady Sagdiana SagdianaAcum 9 ore


  7. zzzNyquil

    zzzNyquilAcum 9 ore

    love it

  8. Miss carissa

    Miss carissaAcum 9 ore


  9. God Sun

    God SunAcum 9 ore


  10. Barbara Balog

    Barbara BalogAcum 9 ore

    It hurts...

  11. junkjunkpeng

    junkjunkpengAcum 9 ore

    it has a surprisingly calming effect

  12. Lorenzo Dysangco

    Lorenzo DysangcoAcum 9 ore

    This song hits hard. It’s my 14th time here already.

  13. Laura lee

    Laura leeAcum 9 ore


  14. TheNoe Play -Roblox

    TheNoe Play -RobloxAcum 9 ore


  15. Noah Berhane

    Noah BerhaneAcum 9 ore

    rip my boiii jucie

  16. Isabella Pandolfo

    Isabella PandolfoAcum 10 ore

    Many people don’t know that this song is about internet trolls and how she had a dream she got everything she wanted. (Such as no trolls) but when she wakes up as it says she sees “you” with me she means finneas this song is about finneas and how no matter what Billie helps him and he helps her. It’s not about suicide or fame or anything. Thanks for listening

  17. Vanilla Gacha

    Vanilla GachaAcum 10 ore

    I wonder if this song is also about x and juice world because they committed suicide and she had visions bout committing suicide so this song could be bout her wondering is it meant to be

  18. Aeneth Eruanna

    Aeneth EruannaAcum 10 ore

    I'm not exactly a fan of Eilish, but she's got a good voice You've got talent, Mellon-nin

  19. Burak Önal

    Burak ÖnalAcum 10 ore

    Siktin hayatımızı

  20. Arife Yerli

    Arife YerliAcum 10 ore

    BiLLie eiLish

  21. Arife Yerli

    Arife YerliAcum 10 ore

    bIllIE EIlIsh

  22. kathryn sebbens

    kathryn sebbensAcum 10 ore

    Do same song but better

  23. Jasmine Palk

    Jasmine PalkAcum 10 ore

    Dark !

  24. naguga23

    naguga23Acum 10 ore


  25. jana yoh

    jana yohAcum 10 ore

    Billie ❤️ Love you 👇🏼❤️💫

  26. ღ Sofi- Chan ღ

    ღ Sofi- Chan ღAcum 10 ore

    Me too

  27. Lia dahan

    Lia dahanAcum 10 ore


  28. Lia dahan

    Lia dahanAcum 10 ore

    I love you😭😭❤❤❤❤😭😭😭❤❤❤😭❤😭❤😭

  29. Ionuţ Gherman

    Ionuţ GhermanAcum 10 ore

    Billie is hitting my soul very hard.

  30. X Tudo

    X TudoAcum 10 ore

    Quem viu esse comentário deixa o like

  31. Cariah Nicholson

    Cariah NicholsonAcum 10 ore

    12 yr. olds with fake depression: ...tHaT wAs DeEp 😩

  32. David Davies

    David DaviesAcum 10 ore

    Love the new song can’t wait till you come to Melbourne

  33. Snooty Monocle

    Snooty MonocleAcum 10 ore

    Eh. Drippy millennial look at me ‘music’.

  34. Lakumba King

    Lakumba KingAcum 10 ore

  35. banana_milk

    banana_milkAcum 10 ore

    The song reminds of a zombie apocalypse and a girl is just staring at everybody becoming zombie and just standing still seeing her eyes flash before she dies.

  36. Shaihaan

    ShaihaanAcum 10 ore

    ASMR Song

  37. Lisa North

    Lisa NorthAcum 11 ore

    You know, when ever I hear this song I get so tearful, makes you cry a lot, who's been chopping onions here?

  38. James Edward Owen Strachan

    James Edward Owen StrachanAcum 11 ore

    I went on an afternoon walk today and ended up walking about 17km. This song was on repeat near enough the entire time.

  39. Saim Ali Khan

    Saim Ali KhanAcum 11 ore

    Ohhh my depression liked that

  40. Lil T

    Lil TAcum 11 ore

    1st time listenin n im instantly hooked

  41. Payton Perry

    Payton PerryAcum 11 ore

    I love this song

  42. Nurgül Gökay

    Nurgül GökayAcum 11 ore

    Billie eilish is special and she is very funny I love ittt I”m cryıng🥰👏😭😭🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️

  43. PeachyheartsK3

    PeachyheartsK3Acum 11 ore

    this is a song about how Billie had a lucid dream where she committed suicide which is why it says "i got everything i wanted" and then when she wakes up and "you with me" is about her brother telling her the following lyrics: 1:13

  44. Ana Mc

    Ana McAcum 11 ore


  45. Farhat Kamiab

    Farhat KamiabAcum 11 ore

    How an audio got 77 million views in a month

  46. Isabel L

    Isabel LAcum 11 ore

    it be like that when ur famous. is that yuta?

  47. Oliver

    OliverAcum 11 ore

    Why does she remind me of faith from far cry 5?

  48. Lakumba King

    Lakumba KingAcum 12 ore

  49. Varьka 2.0

    Varьka 2.0Acum 12 ore

    It's my favorite song😍I love Billie❤️

  50. Sara Buriticá

    Sara BuriticáAcum 12 ore

    Alguien sabe de quién es la obra de arte?

  51. Varьka 2.0

    Varьka 2.0Acum 12 ore

    I love it🤤😍

  52. Riley Narayn

    Riley NaraynAcum 12 ore


  53. Ol' No Name

    Ol' No NameAcum 12 ore

    These are just her thoughts after she woke up from Listen Before I Go

  54. Zelo Gami

    Zelo GamiAcum 12 ore

    Me:10000 views Everyone: 7600000 million views Like if u agree

  55. Jose Velasquez

    Jose VelasquezAcum 12 ore

    Respect women’s!

  56. Kim Dome

    Kim DomeAcum 12 ore

    is it just me or does that wall remind you of the vid for the song 'somebody I used to know'

  57. Zuzia

    ZuziaAcum 12 ore


  58. S a n d r a

    S a n d r aAcum 12 ore

    I’m honestly obsessed with this song. 💝

  59. kim drost

    kim drostAcum 13 ore

    Ok I'm not crying.. This song just hits different 😕

  60. Fiona Brady

    Fiona BradyAcum 13 ore

    No one:billy Eilish: I had a dream

  61. Julliet Uzo

    Julliet UzoAcum 13 ore

    You are so cool and i love you'r songs billie eilish ☺️

  62. Stefke

    StefkeAcum 13 ore