12 DIY LOL Surprise School Supplies And Crafts

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The younger sister in the lesson is always stress for the older sister and for the teacher too! But at Troom Troom School everything is not so simple, because you can call dolls for help! What comes of this find out our new video!
Supplies and tools:
• Pen refills
• Hot glue gun
• Decorative tape
• Star shaped beads
• Acrylic paints
• Magnet sheet
• Scissors
• Counting rods
• Plastic bow
• Star shaped glitter
• Thick cardboard lid
• Compass
• Paper clip
• Pliers
• Acrylic polish
• Glitter
• LOL stickers
• Piece of chipboard
• Light clay
• Balloon holder
• Plastic bottle ring
• Glittery sticker foam paper
• Square Lego pieces
• Double sided tape
• Watercolor paint
• Brush
• Colorful post-it notes
• Clear tape
• Safety pin
• Compass lead
• Cocktail straw
• Glue stick
• Foil
• Vaseline
• LOL glue stick label
• Foam paper
• Zipper
• Utility knife
• Fineliner
• Elastic thread
• Mechanical pencil lead
• Beads
• Superglue
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